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Photos: Cesky Krumlov, Part 2

Time for some more photos from Cesky Krumlov, including some from Czech Idol. Ok, settle down there, you don´t get to see the movies we took, just the photos, plus a few other pics to help you put faces to names.

Like this. Giving Emily some lessons in air drumming, one of my favourite pasttimes, although it annoys the hell out of Bec. This is in the kitchen at the hostel, where we spent most of our time hanging out. Emily was going to spend Christmas with Bec and I in Germany, but unfortunately she was in a car accident just after she left Cesky Krumlov, when the car she was driving slid on the icy roads into the side of a semi trailer. Thankfully no one was hurt, but the car was a right off, and she´s had to fly home to Canada. To Emily´s right is young Alex.view image

Aigin and Greg. The very photogenic Aigin, from Vancouver, and Greg, who worked at the hostel.view image

The Tattoo Man. Aigin´s boyfriend Casey, tattoo artist extraodinaire, which you´ll see later, and all round nice guy.view image

Twins. Aigin had a digital SLR camera, and one night mucked about with some double exposures of Simon striking various poses. Came out pretty well me thinks.view image

Let´s Twist. And now, onto Czech Idol. Me, Alex, and Matt, first group up, doing our best to destroy Chubby Checker´s classic, Let´s Twist Again.view image

Boys? Jayrome, Simon, and Val, doing Sweet Dreams by the Eurythmics.view image

Supergroup. Emily, Casey, and Greg, after completing their epic Summer Days from Grease. All class folks.view image

Again. And from another angle. See, class.view image

Simon. Simon, striking a pose during Czech Idol.view image

One night at the hostel, Aigin offered to give Simon a tattoo, old school style, with ink and a sewing needle. After putting a few dots on his forearm, the beginnings of a star, she backed out, and tattoo artis Casey had to come in and finish the job. With a proper tattoo gun it would´ve taken no more than ten minutes. But it was almost three hours before it was done, Simon sitting patiently, grimacing every so often. And it actually looked pretty darn good.

Tattoo. Hard at work. Focus, it´s all about focus.view image

Tattoo. Ouch, man.view image

Tattoo. The finished product.view image

The Streets. Emily had studied visual arts at Uni, and was into her photography, and so one day convinced Bec and me to buy a tripod for our camera. It was super cheap, and so now we can take pictures at night that aren´t blurry. Here´s the first effort, taken on the snow covered street outside the hostel.view image

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