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Photos: Cambodia, First Go (sort of)

You’ve seen how we got to Phnom Penh, and you’ve herad about the majesty of Angkor. Now, see it with your own eyes (through the eyes of Bec and me, and through the lens of our dodgy camera)

Royal Palace. The number one tourist attraction in Phmon Penh: The Royal Palace. It is an amazing garden featuring some towering palaces. Well worth the visit. view image

Sing us a song! A photo taken just near Wat Phnom, which is the number 2 tourist attraction in Phnom Penh. The difference between this one and the Royal Palace, is that the Royal Palace didn’t have the fattest monkeys in the world eating the garbage. Hell, there wasn’t even any garbage around at the Royal Palace. But seriously, the fattest monkey I’ve seen (granted, I only saw a monkey other than at the zoo for the first time about a month ago). Put a suit on that thing and it could’ve been Pavorotti. view image

Happy New Year. We were in Phnom Penh on the eve of the Chinese New Year, and all throughout the day families would sit out on the footpath (or if there was no footpath, they’d sit on the side of the road), and burn “Lucky Money”. This lucky money seemed to consist of pretend US dollars, like the sort you might get with a kids toy roullette wheel. But what sort of whacko is buying a kid a roullette wheel. I mean, c’mon. That money should be burnt. view image

Cut! Cut! Cut! Whose shadow is that ruining this otherwise fine picture of one of the main streets in Siem Reap? C’mon, lets think about what we’re doing here people! view image

Climb that! This hopefully gives some idea of the steepness of some of the steps leading to the top of Angkor Wat. Buggered if I know how the monks get up there in their wrap-around robes. view image

Speaking of… Here’s a shot of some monks in Angkor Wat. Don’t need to say much else I don’t think. Or should that be I do think, was that a double negative? Anyone? view image

Take that, stone. I believe that is what the tree said when it put on the choker hold. This is taken at an entrance to one of the smaller temples at Angkor. view image

Look! Look! Stop bloody taking a photo of me and get that bloody mozzie!! That’s what Bec would’ve been saying if she wasn’t polite enough to smile for the camera whilst having 350ml of blood sucked out of her arm. view image

Ha! There was a restaurant/bar we ate at in Siem Reap a few times, The Paper Tiger. This place featured absolutely the friendliest waitress I’ve ever encountered. And I mean that. Surely by now you know I’m the most unlikely guy in the whole world to use hyperbole! view image

Overwhelmed. Back to Angkor, this is in Ta Phrom. First we took a photo of these trees without me in it, but the scale was lost. Now, with my scrawny arse in there, you can get an idea of the immense size of the tree roots that strangle the crumbling stones. They’re like the tentacles of an octopus, reaching out for some prey. view image

Quiet Contemplation. But what does it all mean? All these faces? And what the hell is that thing with the beard? view image

So there you go. Now you can rest easy. You’ve seen it all.

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  1. Tony Hogan Says:


    Maybe the monks used the rail which can be found on another side to the stairs leading to the top, I know we found that much easier.

    Awesome place though.


  2. Posted from Australia Australia
  3. admin Says:

    Rail schmail mate.

  4. Posted from Viet Nam Viet Nam

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