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Photos: Ben Lomond

Right, now let’s see if these photos do the views any justice.

ben lomond

Which way. Ben Lomond is thattaway, man. view image

Lunacy. This guy was running up the mountain. view image

Get outta the way!! And fifteen minutes later, here he was screaming back down the rocky path, trying desperatly hard not to break an ankle. To be honest, I wasn’t even trying to take a photo of him, I was taking one of Trickey and Sarah on the path, but by the time I lined it up, he’d raced into the frame.view image

Mountain sheep. There were mountain sheep, and, er, mountain cows, all along the path. view image

The Final Ascent. Trickey and Sarah got a bit ahead of Bec and I near the top, and I was able to snap this one just before they reached the final peak. view image

Trickey. There were some pretty awesome views up there, except for the balding guy down the bottom right, dunno how he got in there. view image

Proof. See, I did climb all the way to the top. view image

More Proof. And so did Bec. view image

The Fire. After a hard day baggin’ munros, it was sweet to be able to come home and sit around a camp fire drinking cold beers and roasting marshmallows. view image

Marshmallow. You see, the key to roasting a good marshmallow is to just brown it, without letting it catch on fire. If it does happen to catch on fire, be sure to blow it out before it gets too big and turns your marshmallow to a black crust. view image

Mmmmmmmm, toasted marshmallows.

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