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Kathmandu: Your Moment of Zen

Three months have flown by. We’ve left Nepal. We’ve said goodbye to all the kids. There were a few tears, none of which were shed by them. We will miss them tremendously, and are already considering how we can get back to the orphanage in a year or two. But ahead of us is a bit over two months of travel around Thailand, Laos and Vietnam, before returning to Australia and the real world.

But before I finish up, here’s a little tidbit that I neglected to include in my previous posts:

In NepaL I often wore a Mighty Mouse t-shirt. The first time I wore it, one of the young kids (unfortunately I can’t remember who it was) looked up at the shirt, pointed at it in excitement, and enthusiastically proclaimed; “Mickey Mouse Superman!”

Like I said, we’re gonna miss those kids!

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