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Ecuador TEFL

There’s a teaching position open in Ecuador, according to a teacher there who is going home and needs someone to replace him. This came in from Dave’s ESL Cafe today.

A month ago I started a small enterprise in Mindo, Ecuador, teaching private English classes, but unfortunately my attempts to extend my visa have all failed, and I’m going to have to leave the country before the end of October (and my rent is only paid up to the 21st, so I’ll probably be heading off then). I’m looking for someone to take over the classes.

As I’m a fairly recent arrival in Mindo, I’ve only got 10-12 students who are each paying $11 – $14 per week, but $150 per week is still easily enough to survive on out here in the cloud forest. Also, as things stand I only have to teach 16 hours a week, so there’s lots of room for expansion. A lot of the tour guides in town are currently on a free tourism course of some kind (which is a shame because it was the tour guides I was targeting when I started here), so they’re all too busy to take English classes as well, but this is a situation that will change in November when their course ends, and I expect a significant increase in the number of my students. Also, anyone that can teach children would get a few more students straight away as I turned down anyone under 12 due to my lack of experience in this area.

I’m not seeking to make a profit, but I’m merely looking for someone to pay $300-$400 which would cover the cost of the books, whiteboard, CD player, table and benches that I bought when I started, and would become the property of the new teacher. I’ll hand over my students free of charge, and whoever takes this up would then be completely free to run things as he or she saw fit.

The classroom/house is a bit closer to a shack than a house in appearance, to be honest, but the rent’s only $100 per month and it’s got a stream! The main attraction, for me, is that the cloud forest is absolutely gorgeous, so it’s a lovely place to work and beats Quito hands down.

The person will need to have teaching experience, a good few months left on his/her Ecuadorian visa, and preferably be able to speak reasonable Spanish in order to be able to attract new students. Someone with entrepreneurial spirit would fare better than someone without.

If anyone’s interested, please contact me on

Obviously, I’ll answer any questions here on the forum too, so fire away!


If you’re looking to teach in Ecuador, now’s the time! Send an email to Phil.

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