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Hey, I’m Back!

Friday, August 27th, 2010

Hi everyone, and thank you for your patience.  I had a problem with this blog not being able to log in for over month. So I gave up.  Turns out it was a small technical error that I just figured out now to solve so I can post again!

There was an ENORMOUS amount of comments to filter through and while I approved a whole bunch, many more I binned since they were too old for me to be of any help.  One comment from a chap in England was amusing, but I can’t publish it due to the drunken rambling and offensive nature of it.  Thanks though, John, it did make me laugh.

What’s new?  I am still working as a trainer for our TEFL course in Mexico City.  I’ve had a baby, now 14 months old.  I’m a little bit older.

What hasn’t changed?  Dave’s ESL Cafe and ELT world are still the best spots to get information on teaching jobs in Mexico.   I’ve another blog elsewhere and am big into Facebook.

Starting today, I’m back at BootsnAll to help keep you updated on the goings-on in Mexico travel and teaching.