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Teaching Jobs in Mexico and the World


There are many places on the net to find TEFL jobs in Mexico or the World. You can start over at my other blog.

Two updates if you’ve recently arrived at this page…this day September 17th, 2007.
There is a job for a native-speaking French teacher at an all-boys Catholic school in south Mexico City (so you must be a male teacher). Solely a few hours a week, but at good hourly pay.

Second, there are a few hours for an EFL teacher in the Historic Center of Mexico City. Best if you’re already here for those hours. Contact me in either case if you’re interested.

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6 responses to “Teaching Jobs in Mexico and the World”

  1. smilingcat says:

    Do you have any information about what it is like to teach at Westhill Institute?

  2. admin says:

    Teaching at Westhill, according to two former teachers I’ve met here in Mexico City, is a well-paid nightmare. Heavy workload, uncontrollable kids, and last-minute changes to resources and schedules.

  3. Christopher Janik says:

    Hopefully this is going to the writer of this article. Hello, my name is Chris Janik and i have for some time now been looking into moving to and also working in Mexico. I have been reading more and more now about becoming a teacher in mexico, something i had never thought of in my life, even here in the states. (I live in Illinois). Now that i have started doing some research it seems like i would have a great time doing so as the work seems incredibly fulfilling. I was wondering if you or anybody that you know have any advice or information that i would need to take on this great challenge. I am 22 years old and have my associates degree. I also speak Spanish (Castellano) quite well and am myself absolutely immersed in the music of mexico, the wonderful people and its undying culture. I have so much more to say and probably much more to ask but any information would be greatly appreciated and reviewed. Thank you for all of your help and i look forward to hearing from you in the near future. Thanks again, Chris J.

  4. admin says:

    Hi Chris…email at if you would like to discuss this in greater detail.

    The usual route into EFL teaching is an intensive TEFL course. Check out the link on the right to Teachers Latin America where I work.

  5. Stephanie Lippencott says:

    HinrMy name is Stephanie and have been making trips to visit my son in Mexico City for 3 years now and was trying to find a way to work several months out of the year near my home, and still be able to make trips to the states without loosing my job. Now that I have learned a few days again about teach I am about to have my certification which has left me so excited I can’t eat or sleep. This new career is not only helping me but helping others as well. Chris( this is my son’ name too) if you need any advice or help concerning Mexico more than happy to help.

  6. Kevin Lyle says:

    Hi Stephanie, My name is Kevin. Sounds like you have figured out how to get your teaching certification, are you planning to teach in Mexico? I’m interested in moving to Mexico to teach english. I have custody of one of my younger sons who is having trouble at school here in Tennessee and I think a change of culture would do him good. Any advice you could give me would help. How do I go about getting permission to live in Mexico, I’m a born US citizen. Can I earn a comfortable living in Mexico, if so, is Mexico City a good area to move to? I have always heard that the cost of living is very low in Mexico so I guess wages are low also. Any advice would be helpful.

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