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TEFL Course Videos – Students in Action

TEFL Mexico

Ever what wonder what’s in store for you in a TEFL course? I regularly capture our TEFL students’ efforts in the practical teaching component on video to be able to offer post-class feedback to the students. For your viewing pleasure, I’ve made a series of clips from one such class available here.

Each clip (13 in total) is about 3 minutes long and moves through the typical stages of a class as studied in our TEFL program in Mexico City. This is Roche, learning how to do it.

Video Clip 1 at You Tube
Each video may take some time to load…be patient.

Video Clip 2
Video Clip 3
Video Clip 4
Video Clip 5
Video Clip 6
Video Clip 7
Video Clip 8
Video Clip 9
Video Clip 10 – Try not to laugh
Video Clip 11
Video Clip 12
Video Clip 13 – He made it!

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