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Mexico Tourist Visa


Mexican government policy has recently changed on the issuing of  tourist visas to those coming in from the US, Canada, the UK, and many other countries.  All tourists are given the full 180-day visa automatically.  Previously, 90 days was most common, though it was up to the immigration agent you first meet to decide.

This means travelers save the 21 dollar renewal fee when staying more than 90 days, and no more headaches at the airport or immigration office for renewals.

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3 responses to “Mexico Tourist Visa”

  1. Elsie Ross says:

    Do you know how long you would have to leave Mexico to come back and start another 180 days?

  2. Redigul says:

    Hello Dear Sir

    I want to come to Mexico just for turiste and i need some information about it . please send me information and where i can get the visa ?

    Thank you

  3. Guy says:

    @Elsie – actually, I don’t know how long you need to be out. I believe it’s possible to leave (by air or land) and return the very same day but I’ve never tested that theory nor have heard of anyone trying it.

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