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Mexican Riviera – My Trip

This post is mostly for mom back in Canada. I went on a short vacation out to Cancun. Here are some photos and video.

Mexico Parrots

Iguana Mexico

nearly stepped on this guy

Mexican parrots

more parrots

Mexico Tunnel

Mexico Fish

Took some interesting video too. During Independence Day festivities in Cancun, I made the mistake of grabbing a dinner table in the front row. I was hauled up on stage twice and made part of the show.

Me being introduced as a fool on stage. Over at Google Video

Me being a complete macho fool on said stage. Over at Google Video

Mexico Volcano

Popocatepetl Volcano from the air

Mexico Tulum

Tulum by the Beach, Mexico

Tulum Beach Mexico

The Beach by Tulum, Mexico

Xcaret Mexico

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