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Buffalo, Lions, and Crocs, Oh My

Not related to TEFL in Mexico in any way, but this is one piece of video I just had to share.

You Tube Video “Battle at Kruger”


In short, 4 lions snatch a buffalo calf.  A croc battles the lions but withdraws.  An army of buffalo assemble and rescue the calf, chasing away the lions.

Lorne Greene would’ve loved this scene of nature at its most ferocious.

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2 responses to “Buffalo, Lions, and Crocs, Oh My”

  1. Katie says:

    That is a great video…I saw it online also as shown in some news program, and they said they guide had a look around the area for a couple of days after and didn’t find a deal calf – so he really seemed to survive!

    No connection to EFL? I think the buffaloes could represent a teachers’ union, and the lions? The bad guys, whoever they are in a given situation…

  2. admin says:

    I like the example…thanks for keeping me on topic!

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