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Montreal; More snow and ice – Photos


Saturday December 13 – the ice from last week’s ice/snow storm was still hanging off the branches and made for some nice pictures. The below are from Parc Lafontaine on Montreal’s Plateau Mont-Royal.


Yes, yes, I know I look silly in tuques – everyone always tells me tuques and caps don’t suit my mishapen head.

Its rare that we have ice on the trees – although we get more freezing rain now than ever (because of generally warmer winters than in the past) it’s rare that it actually stays frozen on trees for an extended period. The worst case of freezing rain was the January 1998 Ice storm which brought down power lines in Montreal and left people without electricity for weeks. It was one of the worst natural disasters in Canada and required the deployment of the Canadian Forces.

Anyway, this ice storm was nothing in comparison (although parts of New England were hit very bad). The weather warmed up from -15C on Saturday to plus 8C on Monday, melting everything. Then it got cold again Monday night. There’s no more ice on the trees and most of the snow is gone – all that’s been replaced by a sheet of ice everywhere. Today everyone is slipping on their asses. The joys of winter…

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