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Hotel Review – Lom’Lae Beach Resort (Ko Yao Noi)


We ended up loving this place;

Firstly, this is not a luxury resort; the wooden bungalows are rustic with large windows. Bugs can get in (for those that are squeamish). I killed a couple of cockroaches – but as I said to Lissette, these are “nature bugs”, not the roaches we are used to seeing in the city. Another negative is that the beach is really not that great; it’s either high (at high tide) and a bit rough, or low (at low tide) and rocky. On the other hand, the views are great and there are some nice beaches a short boat ride away.

It is an incredibly relaxing spot; the views are great, the grounds of the resort lush. You could spend several days on the veranda, reading and drinking beer (like our German neighbors).  The mosquito nets at night were romantic and we slept well knowing the bugs couldn’t get us. They also have motorcycles for rent – we had one for a day (350 baht) and had a fantastic time discovering the island (more on that in another post).

But the best thing about this place is the food. The Thai food (they even had a few Indian dishes) served was exeptional. The relaxing open-air eating area was very cosy and comfortable and we found ourselves sitting there and eating all day long.

It might not be for everyone, but we ended up really enjoying this place – is was so laid back and relaxing and our only regret was that we didn’t stay a few days longer.

One negative – I found that at 2100 baht a night ($65 CDN) the bungalows are overpriced for what they are. On the other hand, this is Southern Thailand in high season…The food and dining area, location, and grounds make this place – I still give it a 4 out of 5.


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