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Chiang Mai (and its dogs) – Photos


We weren’t in Chiang Mai very long (about 24 hours) but we were quite impressed – the weather is cooler and the city much cleaner than Bangkok. It has a more provincial feel – people are very friendly and seem unhurried. The walled city is full of temples and ruins which, as everywhere in Thailand, seem to have countless stray dogs sleeping around the grounds; they look up at you as you walk through them but we never had any bark at us. A European commented to me that the dogs in Thailand seem completely unagressive when compared with the ones in Europe or North America. I remarked that they live collectively and most likely just havn’t learned to be protective of private property as we’ve taught our dogs to be. Buddhism is also very enlightened towards animals; besides being peaceful places, dogs love temples because they know they’ll get fed by the monks – maybe this interaction contributes to their relaxed behaviour?  If you love dogs and would like to know more or, better yet, help out Chiang Mai’s dogs, I would recommend this link;




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