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There’s No Shame in Walking Up Hills (and other thoughts)


Number of time dogs have chased me:  3 times

Number of dogs barking out to me from a passing vehicle:  5 timees

Number of flat tires:  0

Cost for bike repairs in Astoria:  $67.50

Number of cross-country cyclists encountered:  2 (going from west to east)

Mileage log:

Day 5:  53 hard miles

Day 6:  52 miles

Day 7:  Rest Day

Day 8:  42 miles

Day 9:  50 miles

Day 10:  37 miles

Day 11:  ??


It is now day 11, and hopefully biking as close to Florence, OR before 7pm rolls around.  I’m posting this entry one day early just in case I do not find a library tomorrow while en route. 

Thus far I’ve had my fair share of days high and low.  Sometimes discouraged at my progress (or lack thereof) because of my weight, the wind, or other conditions, and at other times inspired by others taking on the same journey and having the chance to go slow and see our beautiful coastline.

My ass sure is sore.  My arms and shoulders stiff.  Leg muscles sore as well.  And I think I’ve had a little sunburn.  But fortunately I have not had any hint of rain.  And while Portland was experiencing 100 plus degree days, I was in milder temperatures hovering around 80 degrees with a slight breeze.

I have considering stopping my ride to go back home, I won’t lie.  Sleeping on bare ground, freezing almost everynight while mosquitoes swarm around me can get old pretty quickly.  There is only so much PBJ that I can take. 

I’m still at a pace of 6-8 miles per hour, which is pretty slow compared to other cyclists who have passed me up with their fancy bikes.  Part of the reason why I’ve wanted to quit is because of my bicycle, which just isn’t cutting it.  I did get necessary repairs completed in Astoria, but when I ride I still have the sense that something is amiss.

The last few days have been enjoyable, as Lisa met up with me and acted as my sag wagon sherpa for a few days, so I didn’t have to carry all of my bags on my bike.  She’d meet up with me at the next camp, and I was able to pedal the miles faster and stronger than I have the previous days when I had all my bags.  It was great to have her along for a few days to give me company and someone (aside from myself) to talk to, as well as eat hot, cooked food every once in a while.  But now it’s back to carrying all my bags, and if I encounter a long, steep hill, I’ve resolved that there is no shame in walking, which I have already done many a time.

Other thoughts:

* The scariest part of my ride thus far has been the wind.  Riding along, all of a sudden a sudden gusts will come from out of nowhere and just about knock me over.  Scary because I become unbalanced and I definitely do not want to fall onto Highway 101 traffic.

* The hardest part of my riding has been the huge steep hills, but the wind has also led to many cursings and struggles.  I’m going as slow as it is already, but when I face a headwind that makes it feel like I’m pedaling but going nowhere, that’s when I want to just stop and hit the fast forward button.

* Craving Burgerville’s Strawberry Shortcake.  Haven’t seen one yet along my ride, but have seen plenty of Dairy Queens.

* Way to go Beaver Nation!  College Baseball Champs!

*  And what about them Trailblazers?  Finally we get rid of Telfair, I was not impressed with him and look forward to Brandon Roy and maybe LaMarcus Aldridge will turn out to be a good pick.

*  I’m treading water now, not too much more left to say with 3 minutes left on my public library internet watch clock.  So thanks again for your comments and emails, I do miss aspects of home (like no mosquitoes, lazing in front of a TV, being warm at night), but I am grateful to have the opportunity to do this ride and hope that I will soon find a place where I can finally upload some pictures!  So until next Friday, happy 4th of July!


3 responses to “There’s No Shame in Walking Up Hills (and other thoughts)”

  1. Lisa says:

    Hey there-

    As I read your last entry, I was just thinking I should have brought you my sleeping bag when I came. It’s good to 10 degrees, or so I’ve been told. Why is it I always have these brainstorms a day late? It’s like Sunriver all over again!


  2. Mike Jones says:

    Hope you are doing ok my man..

    Havent seen you post in a few days now….

    Dang man, this sounds pretty brutal..
    More brutal than that ride you did back in the day in Cali , red bluff I think it was where it was hot and you had to give up.

    Ive been riding 50’s daily or every other day for the past week or so getting ready for STP..

    But my bike is light and no bags.. I cant imagine what you are going through.. Unreal.. 100 miles of STP must be a cake walk compared to what you are doin..

    Maybe you should turn your trip into a hitchhiking and bike hybrid trip??

    YOu could give some trucker a handjob and he can drive ya 100 miles or so..

    Sure beats riding with 100 pounds of shit on your bike!!


    Guna be leaving on the 5th for the world series of poker.. Im gunna be in it!

    If you give up, and feel like grabbing a greyhound to vegas for some buffets you know where to find me..

    BP4L baby!

    Hope you are hangin in there man.. See you when you get back.. Keep us posted..

  3. Florence says:

    Once again, your adventures make me laugh! Glad to see you are still enjoyin’ life… Have a safe trip.

    – Florence

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