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Last Weekend Before the Two-Wheel Test

Well, here I am back in Portland for my last weekend, which will be spent at a friend’s wedding and then a Sunday Father’s Day.  Then, Monday…. and the start of the two-wheel test of seeing how far my bicycle can go south via the Pacific Coast highway.

I’ve had somewhat a change of plans, as I just learned that another friend will be getting married in early August, and thus I’ll need to be home sooner than expected.  So, instead of starting my bike ride in Vancouver, BC and riding around to Victoria, I’ll be getting a ride to Anacortes, WA (just north of Seattle) and then catching the ferry to Victoria.  This will shave off about one week of my time. 

From Victoria, my route will follow the Washington Coast, across the Astoria bridge to Oregon, down 101 to California, and then hopefully all the way to Tijuana, Mexico where I hope to be able to say one or two phrases in Spanish, unless I’ve forgotten everything I learned by that time.

So, what exactly will I be riding?  Here are the pics!



1987 Open Road 12-speed road bike, purchased on sale from Montgomery Wards almost 20 years ago for $129.



I peeled off the stickers when I got it so that it wouldn’t look like a cheap store-bought bike.  I’ve replaced the seat, the rims and tires, added foot clips and a rear rack.



Last year I replaced the front brakes, and just yesterday added a front rack to hang 2 front panniers.


I’ll have 2 panniers (bike bags) in the front, 2 in the back, and on the back rack I hope to carry my sleeping bag and tent.  I’ll be camping at state parks for most of my ride, with a splurge at a motel in real inclement (think RAIN) weather, and will spend a few days at the half way point in San Francisco to recoup at my friends.

That is, if my bike even makes it.  I’ll be biking solo, averaging about 50-60 miles a day, and though I have a guidebook that basically traces the entire route, I have allowed 5-6 flex days where I can rest or modify my schedule to fit the weather patterns or whatever. 

So that’s it in a nutshell, nothing too exciting, but it will be nice to be on the open road once again.  It was only 15 years ago almost to the day that I biked the Oregon Coast with a group of high school students, and it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  Well, make that part 2. 

Before I head off, here’s a shout out to all my friends that I was able to see during my short time here, and if I didn’t see you, I’ll be back in less than 2 months so I’ll see you then!  Oh, and sorry I kicked your ass so bad at basketball last night Mike and Jonas 😀


4 responses to “Last Weekend Before the Two-Wheel Test”

  1. Ezra says:

    Have a great trip Tornado! Hopefully you work it out so that when you are here we can play some hoops. It’ll be great to see you twice in one year. Maybe we can go to another Scientology BBQ.

  2. racin' trace says:

    Hey! I happened across your site. Not sure how… but it had me in stitches at times, it is so funny. What a journey, and love how candidly you describe it at times. Actually, I am currently revamping my own site, with travel blogs etc, and wonder if I could list some of your tales? It’ll be a big project over the next couple months, as I reorganize my site and add content, and am looking for awesome/fun tales such as yours!! Would love to hear from you! Don’t worry, I’ll do the leg work getting them posted, as long as I get the ok sign from you!

    Hope to hear from you! (send me an email)

    Happy bike travels!
    Racin’ Trace
    Vancouver, Canada

  3. Mike Jones says:

    See ya when you get back…..

    Ill be doing STP again this year solo, so if you happen to be riding along the route at that time look for me..

    Ill be in the Beavos jersey!!

    When you get back gotta have a BBQ over here.. Summer tradition….

    Hope you got new tires for that shitty bike man.

    Those tires were ready to burst 2 years ago..

  4. Katie says:

    Hey stinky butt…… watch out for those cars! Have a safe trip and we’ll see you when you get back.

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