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Finally, a real post with real content

So for all you quote-phobes, here’s one I saw in Austin:

“Be the change that you seek in the world”

Okay, I messed that up. It goes something like that. Maybe I forgot a word or two, but I think you get the idea. On the other hand, maybe I’ll just offer up an easier one to remember, like Murphy’s law #34: “If at first you don’t succeed, make up some other quote.”

I’m in San Antonio and my host family, well one of the members anyways, is watching Lord of the Rings. So of course I have to peek away and watch the really good parts. Like when Sean Astin exclaims “But Luke, I AM your father!!” And then the ogre, who is holding Luke captive, clubs him on the head. At any rate, you know how it is always difficult in trying to figure out what to get your family members for the holidays? Cause they already have everything or what your really want to get them is just soo far out of your price range? Well, wouldn’t it be totally easy if you were a Hobbit? Shopping would be cake–like how about one of those foot bath massage things for their big feet? Or maybe the Flowbee? Hobbits seriously need to get some style with their hair. Maybe some blue highlights or a crew cut. It would be easy to buy for a Hobbit.

Austin is one really cool town. They have a couple of greenbelt pathways that everyone plus their mother uses. Really, it was really quite inspiring, really. Did you realize that you just said really three times in the last sentence? Did you know that really consists of 2 syllables, 6 letters, and 2 vowels? Or 3 if you count the ‘Y.’ Really. And did you know that the human head weighs 7 pounds? And my neighbor has a bunny rabbit? Okay, back on track….

The greenbelt. Austin is a perfect town for outdoor pursuits. The University of Texas is less than a mile from the downtown core, and the downtown core is situated on the banks of a river with trails galore. There’s even an outdoor swim park that is open year round. For more info, check this out: I spent the afternoon biking around the town and ducking into shops along Old Pecan Street (6th street). I even saw Woody Harrelson smoking some weed in some park.

Check my blog tomorrow, I should have time to give you the scoop and post up more pics. I know you are dying to see the photos of caves. I stopped by the Carlsbad Caves National Monument… 80% of the pics are of darkness. But a few came out, so come back tomorrow. As you can tell, I’m still pretty tired and I’m not making much sense, so I better end while I’m ahead. With another quote: “Bye for now!’

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