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Unda Da Sea – The Seaweed Is Always Greener

Puerto Morelos Reef

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November 28th – Puerto Morelos

The reef that runs along this coast is the second largest in the world – guess where the biggest is – yep Oz. At PM it is very shallow so we decided to risk and take a trip up for the day. A coach ride later deposited us on the road in the middle of nowhere, boiling hot not knowing where we were – good start! Luckily there was a taxi round the corner and we were off. The reef is a national park and lies off the beach but not really in swimming distance. There are lots of small boats who will take you out so we started the stroll along to try and find the cheapest. 5 mins later a “capitan” was coming along in the other direction with one female passenger so after a bit of negotiation on price we were off. We were also joined last minute in the boat by a biker who jumped on last minute – fully clothed. When he started to change on the boat O and I did not know where to look!

I gracefully entered the water this time and once under – wow! You get a guide to take you around and ensure that you don’t touch the reef but it’s like another world. There was grass growing in the sand and all sorts of coral swaying in the water. We saw shoals of fish, stripey ones, multi coloured, bright ones, barracudas just so many. The camera took a few pics but I ran out of film when the barracudas showed up – typical! As the water was shallow in places it really felt like you got to see what the divers normally did – fantastic.

The tour lasted 2 hours by which time we were all pretty exhausted as the currents were quite strong. Time on land to look round the small town and visit the main attraction – a huge bookshop run by 2 Canadians. We stocked up on some holiday reads and made our back to Playa Del Carmen. The kids had a great day and I can’t quite describe what it was like to snorkel with them, watching everything. I suppose it’s like Christmas when you watch the kids open their presents – seeing their excitement makes it all the more special for you.

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