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Father Christmas – Mexico Style

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Memories of Playa.

This post is really more for me while it is fresh in my mind. Walking along the pedestrianised streets at night, window shopping and enjoying the feint sea breeze after the heat of the day.

Being called, cajouled, coaxed into any of the small shops by an array of vendors. They would use anything from “Lady, Lady, come see, almost free” to whistling like you would use to a dog to try and get your attention – this ploy never worked whereas at least everything else would get a curteous “non gracias” from us.

Josh trying to make his excuses to leave at the earliest opportunity and O in her shorts and Converse boots (I am so out of date as it looks strange to me).

Taxis and buses tooting to see if you need a ride and the traffic police with their whistles in Merida, never understood quite why as there were traffic lights that seemed to work ok.

The awful Carlos n Charlies restaurant with lame jokes, eg a covered platter put on the table with a fake haggis underneath, rubber cockroaches, huge hand pointing signs saying drunk tourist or celebrating divorce that were put over you, the conga – the list just goes on and on – the kids thought it was wild but I just died.

The Oxxo supermarkets with their little tables and chairs and Arizona green tea in a can.

Hair braid, hair braid, hammock, rug !!

The taxi drivers listening to the 80’s music and singling along at full blast using all the wrong words – words, come e cee to him – fab!

And my favourite – the skeletons – especially the Elvis one.

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