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Colorado Springs 4

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October 2nd – Tuesday

After a fretful night – the motel was busy and noisy we got up at our own pace. Garden of The Gods was the first recommendation and it did not disappoint – there are red rock formations that look like they have just been dumped in the middle of nowhere. The colour against the blue sky was amazing and there were also some blue jays whose feathers were like the Egyptian blue you see in pictures. We stopped off and also had a picnic there.

Colorado Springs has an historic town but it was really a line of shops and tourist traps. We had a drive to look at the old beautiful houses and then decided to go to the Air Force Training Academy. This was for Dad too and apparently the site houses a hollowed out mountain where among other things is the nuclear bunker the president would get evacuated to. Many a taxpayer’s dollar has been spent on the academy – it looks amazing and the sports facilities were very impressive – in fact on the way in we saw the cadets playing rugby – yep not American Football but rugby – Josh and I wanted to shout words of encouragement out the window but thought the better of it – especially as the car had been searched on the way in.

We have all found that we have itchy eyes and runny noses – at first I thought it was a cold from getting wet on Sunday. I think we all have hayfever! We finished off the day with a trip to the bookstore and Ophelie was very annoyed that we managed to find both To Kill A Mockingbird and Much Ado About Nothing. She has no excuse not to do the homework that I have downloaded for her! We were talking to the assistant and it turned out he was stationed at Chicksands in the 70’s – what a small world!

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