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Los Angeles 001

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Tuesday- chilling out day today. We went out to Venice Beach to get some of that SoCal vibe. How can you describe it? It has miles of sandy beaches with hardly anyone sunbathing and just a handful of surfers catching the waves.Palm trees line the beach walk and tehre is a line of small shops/stands by the seafront. I must have seen about 30 homeless people – most just sleeping by the beach in sleeping bags.

VB is like a mecca for the weird and wonderful. There are lots of tie dye stalls, palm readings and the generally obscure. The funniest moment was seeing a small white fluffy dog (complete with tie dye tee shirt and sunglasses) being sniffed by a dog the size of a great dane – the owner of the white dog dragged her away and was last seen telling her off in a very stern voice about her bad behaviour. We all found it very hard to keep our laughs in.

Yesterday we pushed the boat out and decided against the theme parks but went for a movie studio tour instead. We picked Warner Bros – which turned out to be the most difficult to get to (we were very late) but it was brilliant. You get taken in a golf buggy thing round the back and front lots. There was only 1 other family with us, when the Dad asked the tour guide if he had found Jesus in his life yet I knew it was going to be a fun day – we saw so much………..

Original cars like Batmobile and Scooby Van
Soundsatge where they filmed Casablanca
The Friends set (so now we have seen the outside in NY and inside in LA!). We looked through the front door of Monica’s apartment and touched the couch in Central Perk – felt very surreal.
Got “sorted” by the original Harry Potter hat and saw loads of props from the film, costumes, wands, spiders, maps -so much
The original Wonder Woman costume

We saw the filming of an ER scene – outside the hospital bay. The Heliport is a car park in the lot! They were also filming a Terminator series – apparently there is also going to be a T4 too.

It was a 2 hour tour and we were all completely starstruck – seeing the sets, props and history was brilliant – we all loved it and I would recommend it to anyone. You have to lock your cameras away so did not get to take so many photos.

We arrived back at the hotel late – my fault. We had 2 amicable drunk homeless men on the bus who were entertaining us. I gave them our day bus passes before we tried to get off so they could use them for the rest of the night. Pressed the button to get off and it was only then that I discovered (as we saw our stop go sailing past) that we were on a rapid bus that only stopped at the main stops. Dilemna – do I ask for our passes back?? I am too British – we slid off at the next stop and paid to take the bus back in the opposite direction! There mus be a lesson in there somewhere.

Leaving the mainland tomorrow – Hawaii here we come!

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