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March 21st – Bangkok – City Of Angels Apparently


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Bangkok is crazy. How the city is even standing I have no idea. The traffic, pollution and noise are overwhelming and at night time the skyline is like something out of Bladerunner. The city goes on for miles and is concrete above you (with the new Skytrain system), people everywhere, street market stalls selling everything from shower caps to all kinds of weird and wonderful foods. The roads are packed with taxis, Mercedes, mopeds and tuk tuks and I have actually found it a bit harder to breathe with the air. I don’t feel like we need suncream as nothing is going to get through that layer of smog easily.

Our hostel – HI Central is very new and clean. It is right by the intersection of both Metro and Skytrain on Sukhumvit so would recommend it. The staff are really nice and nothing seems to be too much trouble. We spent our first day getting to grips with the very easy Skytrain system and people watching. Clothing is certainly more conservative here and teen’s hair styling seems to be taken seriously. I have seem nearly all teen boys with primped and premed hair, perfectly cut and teased into place with what can only be straighteners and a ton of hair product.

Our first day was an introduction – we went to the famous Chatuchak weekend market. The place is huge and a labyrinth of sweltering stalls packed with all sorts of goods. It really is hot here and is not for the feint hearted but what an array! We saw painted stones, tee shirts of all kinds including some very funky Japanese ones, puppies and kittens galore, flying squirrels complete with reigns and woolly hats (they are only about 6” long), bedspreads, old cowboy boots, second hand jeans, strange voodoo keyrings, bags, Guchi, Prado, Barberry and Tiffanee too. It is mindblowing but completely addictive. Anyone coming here should get the excellent Nancy Chandler’s map as her guide is invaluable.

After such a bizarre shopping experience we went for the more westernised mall – MBK. 7 storeys of goods and this is where the young Thais hang out at weekends. Again huge does really describe what is on offer here. The top floor is dedicated to entertainment with internet, gaming and electronic shops. You can also go to one of the glass oval Karaoke booths and sing a long to a few tunes if the mood takes you! Exhausted we fell to sleep without much effort.

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2 responses to “March 21st – Bangkok – City Of Angels Apparently”

  1. Christine H says:

    Sawasdee Ka Lisa, Sabai de mai?

    Blimey the time has gone so quickly and I really didnt’ think you’d make it to Thailand and it’ll be a shame you’re leaving around Songkran, but no doubt the holidays and festivities have already started. People from the cities will be travelling home to be with their families for Songkran’s New Year celebrations.

    How long did it take you to go round the Grand Palace? I’ve been there twice on both occasions, it took ages as it wasn’t easy keeping out of the heat, it seems like it’s a heat magnet but the most spectacular must see tourist attraction in Bangkok. Chatuchuk market is definitely an eye-opener and I’ve never seen so many malls so close each other.

    Glad to hear you made it to Uluru, we also stayed in the Outback Pioneer and is more than adequate for a short stay. Am envious you made it to Cairns & Brisbane -they’re on my list of many places to visit so am lucky to see some of your fab pictures.

    Chok dee & safe journey home.

  2. Nomadic Matt says:

    Bangkok is a great place! You need to get used to it. I lived there for a year. Looks like you will be there for Thai New years too…expect an ever crazier time.


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