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Log Cabin

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September 28th

Travelling today so lots of grassland again but we took the interstate this time so more company on the road!

We are staying in Buffalo – Wyoming. The motel The Blue Gables ( has log cabins with a little tin pot fire that has a pipe to the roof and old fashioned quilts. The heating is on so we also have on the air-conditioning as it is boiling! Kids think it is very cool though. Am very tired today so did not push it too much. It might be the altitude – we are at over 4000 ft. I can also see the outline of the mountains on the horizon so am looking forward to driving through them.

Went through Sundance – where the kid got his name but no bumping into Robert Redford or mention of the film festival. I even put on mascara….

Saw about 30 horses being rounded up by cowboys on those 4 x 4 bikes. The horses looked beautiful and Ophelie strained her neck to look for as long as she could. Apart from that pretty uneventful. Have noticed that the earth is red here and that with the huge empty grasslands and mountains in the distance made me wonder if it was like Africa? Was the earth red from all the blood that has been spilt here over time too?

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