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December 5th Lima To Paracas

Sunset At Paracas

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The first leg of the tour and a taste of the Peru bus service. Wow! Double decker coaches with business class reclining seats, food and films – the kids were besides themselves. National Express could learn a thing or two from them. Bags are all searched before “boarding” and a security guard goes up and down the aisles taping you in your seat before you set off. I didn’t know whether to pretend I hadn’t noticed him and continue playing with the reclining button or demand “make-up” before my next shot.
The trip was about 4 hours but I always enjoy looking at the scenery. Again a country has surprised me. The landscape is sand and plenty of it – I always imagined Peru to be deep and dark, not full of sand and cacti – that was supposed to be Mexico. The Pan American highway hugs the coast so also saw some surfers and many a shanty town. The houses were nothing more than reed panels tied around wooden poles with plastic sheeting for a roof. “Daily Grind” takes on a whole new meaning when you see the way that some people have to live and how they can get by on so little. My thoughts turn to Christmas and not having had the usual 4 month commercial run up, how unaffected we have so far been about present lists and who is buying what for who. It is so nice to be away from all that – just for 1 year.

Paracas is a small town on the coast that was affected by the recent earthquake. We went for a walk on the beach at sunset and saw the evidence on the pavement and in many buildings. There is a lot of building work already going on, people have just picked up and carried on. Our room was on the roof terrace of the hotel (and yes I did wonder about another tremor in bed) and the noise of cockerels, birds and dogs was like something out of 101 Dalmations. The dogs really sounded like they were relaying messages to each other all night.

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