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December 4th – Lima

Park Of Love – Miraflores

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We were given a car and a driver yesterday for the afternoon. After what I thought would be a quick stop to change some flights (ended up being nearly 3 hours) we went out exploring. Miraflores is an upmarket district of Peru with houses that look like Swiss Alps chateaus and some swanky penthouses on the cliffs. You can go paragliding off the cliffs and wave to the people having a coffee in the nearby shopping centre as you go past. I tried to persuade O to have a go but she wasn’t having any of it! We had to wind up the windows of the car at each traffic light we stopped at. There are so many people selling all sorts of different things it can be a little intimidating but people are only trying to make a living.

We have taken the easy option and have arranged a tour. Well it’s more like having an itinerary, hotels/hostals/travel all sorted so I don’t actually have to think for a few weeks. One of the benefits is that we get to leave a bag of stuff at the hotel! We all still only have 1 bag each and in total are under 50kg but the prospect of travelling really light is magical! In the evening I met some travellers who have just come back from a tour around Peru so got lots of tips and ideas of what to do. The conversations you can have with people on the road are strange, within a couple of hours you can know a person’s life story and their dreams and know that you will never meet them again. I have had some very deep conversations about weird and wonderful things with people I hardly know in the conventional sense but it’s also been so refreshing.

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