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9 Million Bicycles

Here we are then… Big Beijing. First imprerssions… Massive! The roads are so wide it took me 20 minutes to work out how to cross them!! It’s rather chilly but the sun is shining and it’s quite still. The people seem quite jolly too.
Turned out that my flight yesterday was cancelled too so I was put on an Air China flight direct to Beijing. The stewardess managed to rustle me up a veggie meal so I was quite happy. Flew over the snow-covered landscape of Mongolia. Beautiful. I hope it gets a bit warmer there before I pass through in July!
I took my time, getting to the youth hostel, quite tired as I hardly slept on the flight. Think I had a classic head back, mouth wide-open moment on the bus from the airport (you would have loved it Sam E) , luckily woke up when we arrived before the bus driver kicked me off.
The hotel staff at Beijing Far East International Youth Hostel are very helpful and tomorrow I’m going to rent a bike to ride to Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden city. There are 9 million bicycles in Beijing. That’s a fact… hope they’ve got spares.
What a difference from India. China is pretty chilled out. It must be the weather. So far there’s no hassle, but then again there is a much bigger language barrier.
More thoughts and photos hopefully soon.
Feeling pretty OK, although similar to when I first got to India, a bit lonely, but quite happy and will feel better after a decent sleep tonight. Thanks for your messages.
Looking forward to getting out and about tomorrow.
Zaijian for now!
PS 8 hours ahead of UK here.

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4 responses to “9 Million Bicycles”

  1. minami says:

    So you are there then!!!!!!

    Glad you are feeling ok. how long are you gonna be in Beijing?

    Looking forward to more stories and photos!!!
    Sleep weel…

  2. PJ says:

    My dear,
    enjoy yorself…..get totally lost and wild…….happy new year to you, it’s going to be fun!
    well, if you ever get too lost, just scream, people will come and help!
    think of you from this side of the earth……..

  3. Jeremy says:

    Hello Tom!

    Looks like you’re doing something constructive and memorable with your life! Not bad for someone from TWGSB! Sorry I didn’t make your Japanese breakfast, I had exams on Monday / Tuesday last week and was off from work.

    I lived with a Chinese guy when I did my MA. Top bloke, always worried / excited about getting married. I introduced him to spaghetti (fat noodles) and fish fingers – he loved them.

    I’ll send you a decent email soon. Work is breaking my balls at the moment.



  4. minami says:

    It’s snowing a little in London. Hope it dosn’t turn into rain… Is it cold there? xx