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Good weather, fun weekends

We have finally had a few weekends with good weather, so we are taking advantage of it. For the first two weekends of good weather we started our hiking for the year, picking 2 small mountains to go up (small enough that most of the snow is melted). We first hiked up Windy Peak in Golden Gate Canyon State Park (it’s around 9,300 feet or so). I forgot my camera on that one, but I took my camera for our second hike of the year up Bergen Peak (around 9,800 feet). For our 3rd weekend of good weather Glen and Kelly were up from Houston so we went sightseeing and caught a Rockies game. We’ll be taking a weekend off to go to Missouri and get the rest of our stuff (including the cat) but hopefully when we return more snow will be melted. I’ve got a beautiful new pair of hiking boots and am ready to put them to good use.

Views on the hike up Bergen Peak. The higher mountains are still very snowy!

Dave on Bergen Peak.

Kelly and Glen pose along the road to Blackhawk.

Dave and Glen, and the corner of my car.

Beautiful views along the way.


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