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European Vacation, Part II

Ok, here is the finale. These are the last photos from our travels.

Ok, we couldn’t resist. We had to go to the highest mountain in Germany. You just take a cable car up, so it’s easy. Here we are at the top.

The view was pretty awesome!

This is an amazing church and monestery we visited, still in Germany.

Ludwig's castle I
This is Schloss Linderhof, which King Ludwig built as his ‘summer home’.

Ludwig II
Ludwig’s boyhood home, not a bad place to grow up. They declared his brother insane before he reached adulthood so he could never be king but I guess Ludwig was the saner of the two. Was that castle full of lead paint or what?

This is the castle of castles, Neuschwanstein. This was also built by Ludwig and was still under construction at the time of his death.

Austria ruins
Ok, now we are have crossed the border into Austria. There are plenty of amazing ruins here as well.

Austria mountains
So at one point we got lost in Austria and I was driving down dirt tracks through the middle of cow pastures. But that was OK, look at the views!

Border clock
Monument at the border between Austria and Italy.

Mountain road
See the road here? Definitely a bit of a stressful drive, and you can’t see around the switchback until you start around the corner. It was worth it though!

The view from the top!


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