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The voice of an American expat with family here who is invested in the life of Oaxaca:

The “commercial people,” by and large, would have gladly gotten rid of URO (the Governor) a long time ago. The reason that URO is still in power has a lot to do with the corruption and incompetence of many (not all) of the APPO/Section 22 leaders. The fact that OSAG (APPO supporters) has not caught on to that much, after all this time, is truly astounding.

The short answer is that the APPO declared itself a Popular Assembly and the legitimate government of Oaxaca. Then the APPO announced they were going to kick out the governor by creating a climate of “ungovernability.”

“The people” it seems, found the ungovernablity program of the APPO “government” (quotes mine) to be even more useless and painful than they find the current Oaxacan government. And that is not a high bar. Instead of broadening their base of support, the APPO barricades drove it away.

We should all certainly do what we can to support the oppressed people of Oaxaca, whether they be in the APPO or not. But it is simply dangerous to walk around Oaxaca with blinders on.

My comment: Very well put. And now many of the teachers and others find themselves caught in the middle. It’s a very complicated business going on here…not just a two-sided conflict although at times of clashes with the police it may appear that way.

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