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June 28, 2005

Day 22 Wien, Österreich

I woke up bright and early this morning at 0600 and hit the city early. I tried to land a room at a different hostel but ending up walking for an hour to no aveil. That place was something out of PeeWees playhouse or something, kids running all over, playing tag, and giving me smug looks. hehe. Im used to those by now. I wear goofy clothing, am always toting a bag, and badly need a shave and my ears lowered.

Back to what I was saying about hitting the city early. I went to the most impressive Kunstmuseum (I cant remember the exact spelling) and had a most educational experience. They have an excellent exhibit on Ancient Egypt, many great reliefs, artifacts, and some colossal columns. Needless to say I spent quite a long time in the Museum. Pretty much the whole day. I was upset that the Greek and Roman exhibit is temporarily closed. But found myself with more than ample selection in the Gemäldgerie, main art gallery. Exquisite pieces by many Gothic, Renaissance, and Contemporary artists. I found the museum very suprisingly fun. Sightseeing boredom struck me well early in the trip around the time I was in Berlin.

After the museum I walked to the famous Stephans Dom. Saint Stephans Cathedral. And I found it quite lackluster compared to the astonishing and massive Dom in Köln. Regardless, it was an impressive piece of architecture. The one solid thing it had going for it was the awesome use of flying buttresses to support the roof. But then again, I thing all Gothic cathedrals have them. Either way, they stood out and I was intereted.

I left finding myself with a lot of time on my hands. Seriously, this whole trip is all about that. Having a lot of time on my hands and trying to figure out what to do with it. hehe..yes it sounds so very very rough doesnt it. So I decided to get a ticket to the War of the Worlds premiere. Its at 0001 and yet I dont mind too much. I have been having a lot of trouble sleeping in my hostel. In fact Ive had some insomnia since around Budapest or even if I think about it eariler. Not to say I dont sleep, I just wind up finally falling asleep around 0200 and waking up with only around a subpar 6 hours. Bumer but Im still doing just peachy.

So Ill head off to see the premiere later tonight and I am thinking that it will rock like no other film. Tom Cruise is a very good actor, and I am willing to bet that this might be a colossal blockbuster. Spielberg. Cruise. Should I continue?

Tommorrow I believe I might head to Salzburg. I am having an awful lot of trouble reserving rooms of any sort. This is ridiculous. Hostels are now overrun with grade school students and primary school Germans. It really kills the backpacker feel of most places. I might just head to Innsbruck or even Hall if I may feel so cheery to do so. Thats the beauty of this vagabond lifestyle. No attachments. No places to be. No nothing. I am loving it.

Now that I have a new shirt, I am walking around much happier. The old abercrombie one was getting...well....old. here I go again rambling, Im surprised you all, my loyal readers, are even keeping up with my exploits still.

I still appreciate it though. And I pardon sounding redundant, but although I might do very little. I still learn quite a lot.

Remember, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Take that step friends.


Posted by Jimmy on June 28, 2005 01:52 PM

this vagabond lifestyle? dont get confused your on a vacation now jimmy.... You do eventually HAVE to be somewhere at a certain time. not to throw reality in your face, just dont come back to scott bummed and depressed. even though im not there i know how you are. take care buddy.

P.S. hey where is my shirt????


Posted by: mike on June 28, 2005 05:06 PM

I understand Mike. This is a vagabond lifestyle, though. And yes, I appreciate the reality check but I am actually looking forward a small bit to being back in America. My bank account is really getting thinned out in all this time in Europe.

Dont worry about your shirt. The last leg of my trip is when I will be picking up souvenirs.


Posted by: jimmy on June 29, 2005 04:37 AM
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