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June 26, 2005

Day 19 Budapest, Hungary

Yes, I know it is really Day 20 but Ill go ahead and post this under Day 19 anyway. Last night was pretty fun, I had a blast with some buddies, Jake and Dave, that I met at the hostel. They are from Detroit and New Zealand respectively. Good times and happy people, UH HUH!!!! Yayahhh!!!

We had a blast in Budapest. Drinking beer and sipping latees in cheap Budapest is awesome. I only had three beers, but still managed to of course have a great time. I cant see myself getting drunk any longer. Not after waking up with deep cuts on my face and no recollection of what or how it happened.

So I had a completely awesome day yesterday. I woke up early had a decent breakfast for 2 bucks and hit the town. I walked north for an hour and arrived at Heroes Square. A really cool place to see. From there I stopped by the Turkish bath houses which Budapest is so famous for. Awesome and relaxing time. It was great, and it only cost 8 bucks. The thermal springs are very soothing and beneficial to your body. I felt so great once I left 2 hours later. Also, I ran into a cool Canadian dude named Mike. Hes a really intelligent law student in Toronto taking off the summer to chill out. We had some great conversation about American politics, the world, cultures, and of course travel. After leaving the springs we went to a nice little streetside restaurant and had a great Hungarian meal (chicken, dumplings, and plums) for around 10 bucks total. Not bad by any means. I love this city. It has a really good chill feeling to it. I could seriously see myself staying here for a long while. Im very glad that I decided to travel to Budapest, this place rocks. After Mike and I parted ways I met the aforementioned dudes at the hostel and had a great night of drinking and talking. Also, the cafes here are great. Dave, Jake, and I spent maybe 2 hours chilling drinking coffee and discussing various subjects. I savor these conversations and these encounters with interesting intellectual travelers. I love this and am having a great time. From here, I think Ill get some reading done and walk around some parts of the city I havent seen before.

Until then,
peace out suckas


Posted by Jimmy on June 26, 2005 04:56 AM

That sounds like it was truly a lot of fun. Those Turkish bathes remind me of Japanese onsens, but without the natural hot water from any mountains nearby. Keep traveling brother and have fun.

Posted by: Jay on June 28, 2005 01:48 AM
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