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June 18, 2005

Day 10-11 Koln via Rhine nach Rammstein!

Jawohl, you read it right. I decided to keep traveling after I finished up my day in Koln yesterday. And I haven't rested since! Except for briefly sleeping on trains or in the cold of a train station. I have been up and going since yesterday morning. Yes, I know I'm crazy. And probably even a little reckless and unorthodox. But I made it! I finally arrived in Ramstein AB around 2 hours ago. It was a most hectic and troublesome journey but yet I feel much relieved to be here. The problem is of course. I CAN'T FIND MY FRIEND KYLE!

Yes, this is bad. This is basically the whole reason I visited Ramstein. But I seriously have tried everything I can: I tried e-mailing via hotmail, I couldnt log in to webmail, I tried the operator and got not listing, and even tried the phone book. So this kinda blows! I'm right in the same place that Kyle is stationed yet I can't link up with him. He has no idea I'm here right now and I have no way of letting him know. Unless, maybe if I committed to an airplane where you write the message in the clouds. But thats only expensive, cheesy, and ghey. Kinda like my brother Jay. :D

So, any of you .mil brothas out there, can you help me please. You webmail to get the address or otherwise simply email himself with a link to the page or something. Or possibly Kyle is reading this right now. Regardless, any help would be greatly, greatly appreciated. I kinda see this as my own undoing, I made the mistake of thinking a surprise visit would work. Look how that turned out. :)

Ok, so back to my trip at hand. The night before I was on a train, and the previous one I was in an expensive hostel (the only one I could get in town) with a shoddy keyboard and outrageous internet prices. So please pardon my grammar. I left the hostel Thursday morning in Koln with my new fellow backpacer Uhwaldo. A Mexican dude finishing his Master's in Spain. We traveled around a bit and checked out the Gothic Dom (cathedral) which was quite spectacular and aweing. The weather was overcast and raining sporadically. Even worse, I woke up with a cold. So, consequently I decided to simply skip town. Seriously, they didnt have much else besides the Cathedral. Uhwaldo and I parted ways, and I made my way by train to Koblenz. From there I had to run all the way down the street, roughly a kilometer, and catch the boat before it left. It was really sweet because the whole previous day's travel: boat, bus, tram, and train was all covered by my flexipass. How cool is that? So the trip down the Rhein from Koblenz to Bingen was amazing, the view spectacular, and the company was good too. I met a cool American dude and we talked the whole way down. I had a good time, and decided to keep pushing south to Kaiserslautern. Wow, was that an undertaking I had no idea I was taking. I was in a small no name town and the train station was pretty much closed, I relied I the little German I know to speak to locals and figure out a way down via Mainz then Frankfurt then Mannheim then Kaiserlautern then to Rammstein village. The rest of the way I hiked with a cool Jamaican dude working on the base. It was around an hour's worth of walking. I'll digress from speaking of the train mishaps I ran into along the way. Because, quite frankly they were quite stupid and would be more hilarious in person.

So now here I am in Ramstein. About to head over to the BX and grab a nice CHEAP American meal. And from there perhaps catch a flick at the base theater or maybe get some sleep...who knows....the room is cheap...32 American....around the price of some freaking hostels in Europe.....lmao....thanks for keeping up with my journal everyone....Ill talk to you soon..

Peace to the mId-east suckas,

Posted by Jimmy on June 18, 2005 04:44 AM

hey that is my saying..... peace in the middle east.....LMAO

Posted by: snyder on June 18, 2005 09:57 AM

Ghey is simply what I am feeling when I speak to you Jimmy, you lovable creature you. That's too bad you were not able to contact your buddy. Maybe there will be a possibility to see him sometime later in your trip. Oh yeah, I found out I'm almost fluent in Japanese because I am able to read at the 3rd grade level but not speak yet I believe. I'm studying everyday SIRE but anyway, have a safe journey into the unknown James.

One Love


Posted by: Rasta Jay on June 18, 2005 04:56 PM

One word.


Posted by: jimmy on June 19, 2005 02:13 PM

jimmy, you sure your not talking to yourself?....LOL

Posted by: master mike on June 21, 2005 06:09 PM
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