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Queenstown continued….

Wow so we ended up staying in Queenstown for a lot longer than we anticipated due to having such a good time (and the buses were fully booked.) Fortunately for us we had made good friends with most of the staff at nomads hostel which meant some nice benefits for us. Like free washing, free internet, opening the kitchen at 2 in the morning for a snack and getting away with drinking in the communal area after nine when everyone else is meant to leave! We spent a lot of the week chilling out (literally as the weather turned bitterly cold) we drank lots of tea whilst snuggled on the sofas having the funniest randomist conversations till 4 in the morning sometimes! During the days we slept, ate, walked round town, one day we even ventured up the gondala hill, nearly died but it was worth it for the view at the top! we didn’t go out as much the second week of our stay apart from the legendary blind bar crawl however this time we dressed up as chavs. Have to say Alice and I were hideous but that was the look we were going for had an awesome night.

Finally on saturday we left, we were most upset to say goodbye to one of our besties Ben (newly adopted big brotherĀ for me) but we will definitely keep in touch!

Made it to Christchurch after a 9 hour journey, slightly annoying we have another day here but hey its only one night…or so we thought!


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