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Onwards and upwards.

June 5th, 2010

After Christchurch we were meant to head up Kaikoura however our bus forgot to get us. We were stranded and missing Queenstown, we had thoughts of going back, working etc but after evaluating the situation it would be too expensive and a waste of a visa to only stay a while so we are going to save it for another time.

This meant we had to kill another day in Christchurch, we managed to find a wagamammas and go to the museum and watch movies.

Kaikoura was our next destination, the weather wasn’t amazing and we decided that whale watching was too expensive for an unguarenteed whale spot so we chilled out most of the day.

Our next day we left for the ferry at picton, spent 3 hours on the ferry discussing all the funny travelling stories we’ve had with some other passengers on our bus and arrived in Wellington around 4.

Spent the next few days in the capital, learning cultural things at the huge Te Papa Mueseum and shopping!

Now we have made it to Taupo unfortunately the one thing we came here to do, The tongariro crossing has been cancelled!

We head to Rotarua in the next few days then hit Auckland!

Update again soon.


Queenstown continued….

June 5th, 2010

Wow so we ended up staying in Queenstown for a lot longer than we anticipated due to having such a good time (and the buses were fully booked.) Fortunately for us we had made good friends with most of the staff at nomads hostel which meant some nice benefits for us. Like free washing, free internet, opening the kitchen at 2 in the morning for a snack and getting away with drinking in the communal area after nine when everyone else is meant to leave! We spent a lot of the week chilling out (literally as the weather turned bitterly cold) we drank lots of tea whilst snuggled on the sofas having the funniest randomist conversations till 4 in the morning sometimes! During the days we slept, ate, walked round town, one day we even ventured up the gondala hill, nearly died but it was worth it for the view at the top! we didn’t go out as much the second week of our stay apart from the legendary blind bar crawl however this time we dressed up as chavs. Have to say Alice and I were hideous but that was the look we were going for had an awesome night.

Finally on saturday we left, we were most upset to say goodbye to one of our besties Ben (newly adopted big brother for me) but we will definitely keep in touch!

Made it to Christchurch after a 9 hour journey, slightly annoying we have another day here but hey its only one night…or so we thought!



May 21st, 2010

Woooooo… we have been here a week and a half having a lot of fun! Staying at a brilliant hostel with lots of fun people! The first few days we spent going out on the town with our hilarious roomies and then sleeping all day! Played some frisbee golf which is taken very seriously (as you can imagine we don’t take it too seriously) been ice skating and climbed a mountain with stunning views at the top (which was the only thing that made it worth it, we complained the whole way up.) Some more exciting things we’ve done is the Nevis Bungy jump (third tallest on in the world at 134metres) you jump from a pod just suspended between mountain and it was one of the funnest things i’ve ever done! The worst bit was being winched back up….upside down as I couldn’t release my feet so the blood to the head was fun (not.) We have also had a trip to Milford sound which was stunning! Very long day though as its a 4 hour drive there and back but had we not payed so much money for it it probably would have been worth it!

Now we are just chilling round here, eating fergburgers (world famous), going out on blind leading the blind bar crawls (so much fun) and relaxing. We plan to leave next tuesday/thursday depending on what bus we can get!

Will report back soon. x


Christchruch to Queenstown!

May 21st, 2010

Wow so it’s been a while since I have blogged and its due to being very very busy!!!! We have had a couple of jam packed weeks but i will briefly summarise them!

Basically we got on our Kiwi experience bus and met lots of nice people that we would spent the next few days with till we got to queenstown! Our first day we were on our way to Westport from Christchuch. Westport was not that interesting…but we just had one night there watching movies and then left early the next day for Lake Mahinapua. On the way we stopped off for a walk to see a seal colony (cute) and the pancake rocks. Our next stop was at a shopping mall so that we could buy our fancy dress outfits for our ‘P’ themed party later that night. Me and Alice both bought Panda Pyjamas (double P) and everyone else came up with really good ideas and we had a good fun night!

Next day we journeyed to Franz Jose stopped off at a museum called the Bushman center on the way which was a weird place based on deer hunting….got to feed a possum though the round type as opposed to the flat ones we’d seen along the way before! Around about 12.30 we arrived in the township of the beautiful glacier in a lovely hostel complete with hot tub. Then we got given some good news….we were given the chance to skydive over the fox glacier (the second most scenic place to skydive in the world) and it was a beautiful dayto look out over Mount Cook and Mount Tasmin from the sky! Weirdly both Alice and I weren’t scared and were very calm. Got given suits that made us look obese but when your jumping out of a plane at 12000ft it wasnt important! I was first to jump and even when hanging out a plane I wasn’t scared. The freefall was so fun the only horrible bit was when I saw Alice still falling out the sky and my parachute had already been deployed! But soon after we were swinging around right next to each other. Landing was very smooth too and we both loved it! Did feel a bit ill afterwards though so ended up going to bed very early that night!

The next day was another goodun. We went on a full day hike up the Franz Josef glacier. Felt very weird to be wearing shorts but it was actually a good idea in the end as it was a very sunny day and trousers would have got really wet! Alice and I decided we would be good enough to be in group 2 (out of 5, 1 being the best) and we were. Had such a good time, squeezing through tight cravases, climbing through caves, using our pickaxes and crampons to climb about! Was a long day though, hiked for a good 8 hours and got back just before dark around half 5. Our next treat was going to the hot pools over the road from our hostel, nice relaxation time!

Early next morning we left Franz Josef and had a quick visit toLake Matheson a.k.a the mirror lake. Unfortunately the water wasn’t that still but it was still very pretty! That day we made it to Wanaka where we would spend the night. Another ski type feel to the town (funnily enough it is a skiing town) with a beautiful lake. Didn’t have much time there  as we left early the next day for queenstown! Stopped off at puzzling worldwhich was full of crazy illusion rooms, mazez and frustrating puzzles! Around about 1 we finally made it to the wonderfull QUEENSTOWN!!!!!!



May 7th, 2010

Wow so we made it here and its chilly and we’re wearing hoodys! We’ve had to buy boots to keep our feet warm but I think the shock has worn off now and we are slowly climatising to the chillyness!

Our first impression of Christchurch was a good one! And it looks a lot like home to be honest. The weather has been lovely blue skies and sunshine!!! Our hostel was very nice and in a good location for the city center.

On our first day we decided to go for some ‘fush n chups’, then walked down to the museum. This was very interesting up until we decided to go on a guided tour which did go on a bit so we managed to sneak off  and enjoyed it much more at our own pace, an added bonus was that it was free. That evening and pretty much all other evenings we’ve sat down with a bowl of soup. Cosied up on the sofas in the lounge room with our duvets and gone to bed. Haven’t done very well at getting up early here but the next day we went for a punt on the river avon which was lovely and relaxing. It went all through the botanical gardens which looked gorgeous in the autumn sun! Then we went on a Gondola near Lyttleton to see the view of a sunken volcanic crater and my what a view!!! Our last day we have been to the art gallery (again free) around the shops and done our laundry! And had a nice evening in!

So tomorrow we start our Kiwi experience! Which means more bus journeys and meeting new people! How exciting. Although we are not looking forward to an early start and just hope that we wake up to our alarms ha!!

All for now, Love Holly xxx


The end of a wonderful 3 months in Australia!!!

May 6th, 2010

So our last week was a lot of fun. We were in Sydney and we managed to fill our days well.

We went to the cinema, where a movie premier was going on which was exciting. We visited Bond, had a picnic in Hyde park, went all cultural at the Australian Museum and went to Paddys market for some cheap hoodys in preparation for chilly NZ.

We went out with our friends to a comedy club which was funny and then on to a bar at The rocks which was very suave!

On our last night we went for a goodbye meal with Mikaela at a lovely restaurant at Darling harbour and had a delectable prawn curry!

Leaving her was quite emotional but she is staying to work in Sydney hopefully getting an apartment somewhere in the city with our friends so will be fine!

As for us, our Australian adventure was done 🙁 and we have had an absolute blast and I know i’ll be back to do the west coast next time!

Our flight to NZ was at 4 in the morning and after a shitty nights sleep of 2 hours we left warm Aus and landed in chilly NZ!!!



Back in Sydneyyyy!

April 26th, 2010

Our flight was very enjoyable! Had THE best plane food i’ve ever had and thats saying something because I never normally eat the plane food. Was weird being back on a plane but so quick compared to the last ones that soon we were landing.

We have a few friends in Sydney (the guys from our Fraser trip) and they had recommended a hostel called Westend for us. When we got there we checked in and went to go and find our dorm. Our 32 bed dorm!!!! Was absolutely crazy, it’s basically just one big room with as many bunk beds crammed in as possible! We are on opposite sides of the room which is funny and although at first we were like we’re NEVER going to get any sleep it’s actually not hat bad!

So far we’ve only had one night where some drunk guys thought it would be funny to come in the room turn on the light and start shouting at 3 in the morning but generally everyone is considerate and quiet! Best thing is we have duvets so I can actually sleep here!

Back in Sydney we have already been to Wagamammas, walked round the whole city back to the Opera House, The rocks and Darling Harbour! On sunday it was Anzacs day and so we went up to Kings Cross to meet some friends and play Two up! Its a gambling game of heads and tails and its the only day you’re aloud to gamble outside of cassino’s so all the pubs play it! On my first go I lost $5 but as soon as I made even I stopped! Alice ended up $5 up and Mikaela $15 up so they did well!

We’ve also had a couple of good nights out. Yesterday we went to the Opera House to see a Ballet which was very exciting! Especailly as we got the tickets for quite cheap and just couldn’t pass up the opportunity! The ballet was very good called The Silver Rose.

We have 1 week left here and it’s starting to dawn on us how we really don’t have that long till we’re home! 🙁 Only 8 weeks!!! Looking forward to NZ but will definitely miss Aus!!

Thats all for now as my fingers are starting to ache!

Probably right again just before we leave.



End of Cairns.

April 26th, 2010

Right so this was our last week in Cairns as we  rearranged our flight to Sydney for the 23rd April (can’t remember if i’ve already mentioned that but will mention it again!)

Baically we spent a couple of days shopping and eating in the shopping center, sleeping and going out to a place called the woolshed on the monday evening which was fun!

On the wednesday we literally had the most random day, so random it’s hard to explain. The bus we went on was called Gus the bus and we talked to it as did our guide cousin Rohan! We went to a lot of beautiful waterfalls, had a very nice lunch at a teahouse, swam in the waterfall called milla milla (where Peter Andre filmed ‘mysterious girl’) which was fun. Had hot chocolate and marshmallows. Played puzzles, danced and sung on the bus and everyone had a wonderfully weird day! It was a very full day as we left at 7 and didnt get back til 8. We then had to move hostels back to our favourite Global Palace in the center of town!

Just when we thought we were going ot have a quiet evening we ran into a friend of ours who persuaded us to go on a pub crawl! Seeing as we had only 2 nights left we thought why not! Had an enjoyable evening, I ended up winning a bungy jump because I was forced to take part in a game played at one of the clubs. Unfortunately because we were leaving on friday I wasn’t going to get the chance to do it (plus we’re saving ourselves for the 134m bungy in NZ ahhhhh) anyway I managed to sell it for $60 so that was cool!

On thursday we had a nice lie, did our last trip to the shopping mall, went to the lagoon and had a relaxing day!  Popped out in the evening for a boogey and said goodbye to our friends but generally had an early night ready for our flight the next day!



Back in Cairns—Great Barrier reef!!!

April 19th, 2010

So this is our last week in Cairns as we leave for Sydney on Friday 23rd April.

So far we havn’t really done much. We’ve been to the cinema when it was raining, gone to the night market and had a nice massage! Had lots of lie ins, been shopping, done the laundry, and gone out in the evenings. Nothing too exciting until yesterday!!!

Diving on the great barrier reef was one of the best days travelling! Had to get a bus to the marina at 7 and then boarded our boat called Ocean Freedom. The crew were lovely and made us all feel comfortable! On the way out to the reef I was very very sea sick. It was awful! But as soon as we stopped got chnged and got in the water I felt fine!

Then it was our turn to dive!!! We were put in pairs and had an instructor whose hand we had to hold and then he guided us around! Was amazing, saw loads of schools of fish, got to touch all the soft corals, saw a sleeping shark and Nemo! Had about 30mins and then started to get cold but by that time we were going back up to the boat!

Then we had lunch although I didn’t really eat much as I didn’t want to risk it so just picked at some bread etc. Was very good food though. Alice and Mikaela had platefuls! We moved onto the second bay where we all got inot a glass bottomed boat and ferried over to a tiny sand island. Literally a lump of sand in the middle of the sea. We went on a snorkel tour which was fun but half way through got called ot do our second dive but didn’t mind!

Our second dive was even better than the first. our guide Chris said that if we could complete 2 skills we could swim around on our own rather than hold his hands. So we just had to show him how to clear the mask and remove the regulator without panicking which was fine! This time we didn’t get cold and enjoyed loads more coral and fish etc. Oh and we saw a stingray, tried to feed it some chicken but some other big fish came along and ate it! We also remembered to take our underwater camera we’d hired with us so have thousands of coral photos including nemo!

After our second dive we were given cake and cheese and drinks then made our way back to the Marina! Thought the boat we went on and the crew were fantastic. Was definitely one of the best days we’ve had and has made me want to do a refresher course to get my qualification back!!!

We were pretty shattered when we got back so went for a roast and to the market then had an early night!!



Port Douglas

April 18th, 2010

So we were in Port Douglas for 5 nights, which was rather a long time but luckily we had the best weather! Our hostel was nice and had a pool and sunbeds perfect for us to literally sun bathe all day. It was ridulously hot in fact and you’d lie out for about 10mins and be completely soaked with sweat (nice) so you’d have to jump in the pool! Was nice to top up our tan and we all looked lovely and brown! Got through 5 books between us and decided to have a healthy eating week. No rubbishy food like chips, crisps, chocolate, coke or sweets. Instead we had lots of fruit and nice meals that we cooked for ourselves in the evening. Including smoked salmon and a prawn curry. Was lovely!

Port Douglas had lots of nice restaurants that we couldn’t go to and lots of boutique shops that we could only browse in. We did have a nice ice cream at the end of the week and a chocolate cake on the last day as a treat.

Generally we just relaxed and had a holiday within a holiday really! Lucky us.

The day we left it was raining! Ha. Got picked up around 5 and went back to Cairns!