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Airlie Beach

Friday, March 26th, 2010

Right I left off last time when we’d just arrived in Airlie Beach which is basically a long road of shops, restaurants, hostels and clubs. It’s the gateway to the Whitsunday Islands so everyone comes here before catching their boats at the marina. You can’t swim in the sea here because of jellyfish and stingers so theres a large lagoon that you can hang out in to cool down! We were staying at the hostel Magnums. We checked into number 72 and showered got ready etc. And who should be staying next door, the Fraser boys so that was nice. Our oz bus had organised a party type thing at Moroccos for 7 so we got ready and went. There were $5 meals, free jugs of beer and wine and loads of games played. Including the limbo which I only went and won! We met up with the Fraser boys later on and went to the club Mama Africas and danced the night away. Had great fun.

Our alarm in the morning was Paul and Josh coming into our room and rolling us up in our mattresses! The rest of the day was spent having to re organise and book the rest of our trip because there was a Cyclone coming right for Airlie beach . So instead of going out on a boat to the Whitsundays on Saturday we were going on Wednesday. Once we’d done that we had some lunch and went to the Lagoon! That evening we sat on our veranda chatting and drinking with the Fraser boys as it was the last time we’d see them as they were moving on up north!

Saturday was Cyclone day. Spent the day shopping etc especially stocking up on food. Had an early night. At 12.38 our whole dorm woke up because the Cyclone had hit. It was so windy and because we staying in like a shed/cabin thing made of wood we were a little bit scared we might blow away but luckily we didn’t! Instead the power went. The power didn’t come bacxk on for another 2 days! Of course all the food we’d bought needed cooking apart from rice cakes and salad! Which is what we ate the first night! The worst thing was that by 7pm it was pitch black all we could was sit in our dorms chatting. Was quite fun though as our dorm was all girls so we had girlie chats and an early night. On the second day some shops had managed to get generators so opened so we had fish and chips for breakfast. We also went for a walk round the area to suss out the damage which was pretty bad. Boats had been washed up onto the rocks and been smashed up and trees had been up-rooted! Anyway when we’d settled in for another girly evening wiuth torches playing cards the lights came back on!!! We were SO happy!

The rest of our time in Airlie was spent hanging around the lagoon and window shopping! On the morning of our boat trip we had to hang around a bit till 2 when we walked to the marina! We were booked onto the Boomerang. An ex racing boat for 28people. (Originally we were on the clipper a 50person party boat but when it got cancelled we transfered to the Boomerang.

 Our 2 night trip was awesome. Vey very chilled out! Sailing was fun although I did feel a bit sea sick. Mikaela gave me some sea sick pills thought and that soon sorted me out. The ocean was stunning, so so blue! The weather was also lovely and sunny so we spent a lot of time lying on the deckl sunbathing. Beds weren’t the best and me and Al got assigned the beds above the dining room tables! On the first day we just sailed to a nice cove to stay for the night. Had a quick dip in the sea wearing our stinger suits which are lovely! In the evening we just chilled out star gazing. The food was amazing!!!! Had chicken with a thai sauce and rice. Very good. Crew were all nice too. The captain was just like the shark bruce from finding nemo!!! On the second day we went to Whitehaven beach-beautiful, went snorkelling and saw lots of fishies. Again chille dout on the second night after spag bol again delicious! AAfter an early morning snorkel on the thrid day we were back at the marina at 11.

Still feel a bit rocky at times but nice to be back on dry land. Cooked chicken tikka curry last night in the worst kitchen in the world and had an early night as we were all shattered!!!!

Last day in Airlie today and we leave for Magnetic Island tomorrow!

Bye for now x

Yeeeehaaaa! Cattle station time!

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Our new driver was called Beaver and was hilarious. Had an entertaining bus drive to get to our over night stop at a cattle station. We arrived at Kroombit and it was lunchtime! Had a slab of steak and some salady stuff then it was goat muster time! This was so fun….I got given a horse called Bob which was hilarious because we’d been friends with a guy called Bob before. Anyway we went on a trail to get to the field with the goats in then we had to muster them into a paddock the other side of a field. The goats were pretty lazy so we got told to shout “hey up pup pup’ as you can imagine it was hilairous. Then we had another trail walk back to the ranch. Next up was a goat rodeo!!! Basically we were all split into teams of 4. Me Al Mikaela and a girl called Laura was in our group. Everyone was given a task. I was catcher, Al was tipper, Laura brander and Mikaela was dragger. I had to run into the goat paddock and caught a certain goat dragged it through the gate then Al had to pick it up and tip it over, it was fake branded and dragged out the gate. Unfortunately we weren’t the quickest but it was very fun!

In the evening we had a roast dinner with potatoes and peas which was loovverrly!! After dinner we were taught how to crack a whip and then a mechanical bull competition started! Very entertaining evening! However gettng up at 5.30 the next day was no fun but we had a 10 hour drive ahead of us to get to Airlie beach.

This drive was a killer but Beaver managed to keep us entertained playing music quizzes etc and by 5 we arrived in Airlie Beach!!!

Have to leave it there for now but will update Airlie beach later on today!

Won’t leave the blog that long again for a while…hopefully!

Holly x

Town of 1770

Monday, March 22nd, 2010
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Fraser Island!!!!

Monday, March 22nd, 2010
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Sunday, March 7th, 2010
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