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Writing Woes

One week and one day to go to Worldcon, 4 months membership of my writers’ group and I have achieved nothing:
1 story iced because it is crap (and I didn’t even think of the ending, John did. But it is still crap.)
1 story iced because of plot-holes (it just isn’t what I wanted—if only I knew what I wanted)
1 story paused because I’m scared of world-building, particularly alien ecologies. This is all about an alien ecology.

So I’m trying a little spec-fic, just playing with words. The worldbuilding story was designed to do that, to break me out of the mold of the familiar so that I can let my imagination run free, but as always I’m drawn back to technical detail (‘would that make evolutionary sense?’).

I think I need to smoke more weed.

Then again, I want to write hard SF and it is, well, hard. At least I seem to be on the right track, even if it takes time (and I think I need to work a bit more on my characterisation skils):

SCI-FI! – Neuromancy and technical wizardy! You are
compelled to write of the Future and what might
be a thousand years from now or next week! Is
it a visit to an Alien Culture? Or a
breathtaking new form of Technology? Isaac
Asimov and William Gibson are your guides.

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