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I retired to a bar ( ‘The Office’, owned by an Englishman) to compose an e-mail to Nitokorn Piwong from the Irrawaddy Dolphin Conservation Society in Phattalung, but did not send it. It might sound stupid, but I don’t want to stick my nose into other people’s projects. The Song Khla dolphin population is in decline, so there are very few sightings. I looked out of the door onto the rain pattering onto the street. Did I really want to go on another mission? It would be comparable to a jolly around Greenock. What made up my mind was the bar owner saying that there are plenty of ‘pink dolphins’ in an area just past the Malaysian border. There would be other opportunities on this trip. So I’m heading out to Satun, probably go on to the Ko Tao National Marine Park if it is sunny, cross the border otherwise, look around a bit and then head to Kuala Tahan for the Taman Negara primary forest reserve. Plans? Who needs plans?

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