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It was bound to happen

Two months travelling through 7 countries always with good friendly service and no complaints was the record for my trip. Well 2 days into the 3rd month and the 8th country I finally found a place with service so bad that by the time I finished my over priced beer (about 2.20, 1st time I paid over 1.50 since I left the US) they still hadn’t taken my order so I went down the street where I did get served.

The honor goes to Costa Rica Which I have already purchased my bus ticket to leave in the morning for Panama so I will have just over 48 hrs in the country, only shorter time was the 2 hr transit through Honduras which I purposely skipped due to time constraints so I could spend more time in CR, well now Panama gets the extra time.

I intended to do a rant on how Central America has solved the problem of  transportation for the general public without costing the government one single penny, while Canada can not even consider doing that as it would put the 50 K/yr MTO enforcement officers that count the band-aids in the first aid kits of buses out of a job, but no one, not in the industry, would see it from my point of view so why bother. I will just say after first hand experience on the chicken buses I could find no problems with drivers or maintenance and they are getting the job done while in Canada with the exception of the major cities public transportation is a over priced joke and Canadians think they are so much better than down here but the truth is NOT.

Off the soap box now and off to Panama in the morning.


8 responses to “It was bound to happen”

  1. Pinamimi says:

    too bad you can’t double back and see what you missed in…..
    well that’s too bad about Costa Rica…do you think it’s because too many gringos are moving down there
    and taking the best realestate?

    can’t wait to hear your take on Panama…im hoping tobe there in March buddy!!!

  2. Pinamimi says:

    Dave….where do i look on your blog to see your itinerary??

  3. bellagio says:

    At last I have managed to catch up on your travels since returning from Cuba on Saturday. The weather in Cuba continues to be nothing special with rain falling quite frequently during my visit and since.

    Fruit and vegetables were definitely in very short supply and couldn’t be bought in Banes. We had to travel on the road to Holguin to purchase from the road side stalls.

    Not too long until you hit Cuba once again. Incidentally I have re booked and fly back there on Jan 9th. The first week I’ll be staying at the PCV (to use up my free week). Will you be in Guardalavaca then? If so it would be great to meet up. The second week I’ll be staying in my casa in Banes.

    Sorry you didn’t enjoy Costa Rica, hope Panama is more to your liking.

  4. Dave says:

    Pina my itinerary has changed so much since I started that the only thing left original is the countries, time frames are all out of whack. S**t happens like at 7 am yesterday I started out from Liberia CR intending on goind to David Panama well got all cross threaded about 9 last night & missed the stop so ended up in Panama City at 6 am this morning after about 23 hrs on an old Mercedes Marco Polo travelling 2nd class or lower all the way but at about $30 for the whole way 6 for the chicken bus & 24 from San José can’t beat the price. Panama looks not bad on first impression while CR isn’t my cup of tea & San José is the biggest cesspool going even worse than Guatemala City & that’s going some LOL

    Ken depending on my schedule with dentist should be able to arrange a meeting some where while you are in Cuba.

  5. bellagio says:

    OK Dave. We’ll keep in touch on this one.

  6. Dave says:

    Ken we will definitely figure some thing out to meet in Cuba & I believe Manfredz is there at the same time.

    If any one is interested in a couple pics of me & the GVI group that adopted me you can check also if you are ever in the area you can’t go wrong in spending a couple days with this great family.

  7. Pinamimi says:

    lol!!!Dave you fit right in!!! i love it!!!!
    sounds like you had a ball there…..relaxing after a couple of days of relaxing lol….
    We received your postcard from Guatemala! thanks!!

  8. Dave says:

    What can I say a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do LOL