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A retired Canadian bus operator goes on a journey around the world seeking new experiences, like taking a TEFL course in Bangkok, then returns to become an X-pat when he buys a casa in El Salvador, which he turns into a B&B. See Pages and To view pictures click on new picasa albums

Canada rants moved

October 3rd, 2014

For those who checked in to see my latest Canada rant, I have changed the direction of this blog and will stick to posting my positive experiences at Rancho Las Brisas and relegate the Canada bashing to a new blog


Sister blog site

September 19th, 2014

The Wanderings of busman7 is proud to announce the creation of a sister site La Pupuseria Josefina where my wife updates the behind the scenes happenings of operating a Pupuseria at Rancho Las Brisas.


Where does the time go?

September 14th, 2014

It seems I have been remiss in posting here for four months My Bad!

I get my act together and do better.

A lot has been going on, with getting used to married life again and new a enterprises at Rancho Las Brisas the book I plan to write has been relegated to the back burner for the time being as I concentrate on family and business.

With researching ways to promote my business and keeping up with the Rancho Las Brisas blog and my Facebook page, I kind of neglected you readers of this blog.

To rectify that situation I am adding pages this blog so you can keep up with the happenings going on here in my little corner of Paradise!


The Epic Bus Trip

May 12th, 2014

Preview of my story on Createspace The Epic Bus Trip



May 11th, 2014

             A new family, new life, new profession!


My new answer to travel forums, having just been banned again from yet another one, this time the so called ‘new’  Debbie’s for having the audacity to call out the forum bully by telling the truth, it finally sunk in that:

1) NO mods want the TRUTH posted when it is contrary to what their fragile egos believe!

2) NO owner wants the TRUTH posted when it irks regular posters thus taking $$$ from their bottom line!

In other words truth quotes or the Real TRUTH Must Never be told!

This axiom applies to all travel forums I have participated in, which led to decision to refrain from further enriching their owners by giving free use of my experiences only to have some censored and replaced with falsehoods written by others.

As I have already had an article published by BootsnAll Karma or Coincidence in Bangkok, which was given a good critique by an author friend, it was easy to conclude that a  more profitable use of my time would be writing a series of travel related books. “The Wanderings of Busman7” will be published through Amazon’s site that can be purchased, giving the TRUE uncensored story of my experiences.

Of Course I will continue operating Rancho Las Brisas Bed & Breakfast where one can visit to explore El Salvador and swap travel stories in the evenings.

ps I shall post here when the 1st book is out tentatively titled The Epic Bus Trip



March 9th, 2014

The wedding went as planned on March 1, 2014.

Now have a new family :)

David y Maria       The ceremony

                                     New family

The inlaws        brother/sisters

Good friends      Sunset on Playa San Diego


Wedding Bells – Campana de Boda

February 22nd, 2014


ano 2014

It’s a New Year here in the tropics, time to put the past BS with the Canadian simple serpents behind and look to the future.

With the tax return funds I was able to finish the casita and upgrade the caretakers casa so it can also be rented to travellers.

Towards the end of last year when my travails with Migración came to a stalemate it became obvious that the only solution was marriage (which I had sworn never to do again!) to a Salvadoreña was the only for me to gain residency!

Given the options of 1) moving to another country (I like it here)  2) doing visa runs every 90 days (wondering each time if I would be allowed back in) or 3) just staying here illegally, hoping not to get caught and (horror of horrors) being Deported back to Canada!

The answer was a no brainer, “Marriage”! So had to bring up the dreaded “M” word (Matronial) with my novia, who said, “Si”!

A guest, a fellow Quebecer (who had arrived as a stranger but left as a friend) kindly agreed to get copies my birth, have them notarized and bring them with him when he returned after Xmas.

Feb 20, 2014 kind of forgot about this update for a while and there are some changes.

Novia was getting a tad cantankerous and playing the “Drama Queen” Drama Queen so,  to make a long story short, we went our separate ways.

My birth certificates arrived from Quebec and my friend got a free weeks stay for his trouble. Next was a visit to the Canadian embassy in the city where I paid the $50 EXTORTION FEE for a stamp authenticating them!

Found another who turned out to be a bit of a wingnut

The above were out for money but were mere toddlers compared to the seven-deadly-sins-greed-25059-46521_zoom Queen of greed who only wanted my house but Canadian citizenship along with $$$ DUH dream on Biatche!!!  I didn’t just fall off the turnip (sugarcane) truck today.turnip-truck

Finally struck pay-dirt with a lady from nearby with no baggage and a head on her shoulders. Off to the lawyers to finalize the details and make arrangements for a March 1 wedding at

Mercedes ‘Rancho Sol Mar Accion’ 219 on the

beach 217  at 222 

Boda Marzo 1, 2014 a cuatro en la tarde, wedding March 1 2014 at 4 pm.

Stay tuned.



December 26th, 2013

Herr Harpo and his merry band of thieves Harper Iluminati finally released my tax return.

I received the cheque via snail mail (RevCan refused to direct deposit into my same US account Service Canada deposits my pension) in Canadian funds even though I had requested it in US funds.

The time from receipt of my return in Ottawa until I held the useless (in SV) cheque in my hands was a mere 221 days/7 months 6 days! EH!!!

Due to the fact that Canadian monopoly money is recognized almost no where in the world (certainly not here in El Salvador) I was forced to send the cheque to my US bank where the

 BanksterRobbery  BANKSTERS promptly relieved me of $171.33

If that wasn’t bad enough, I had paid DHL courier $70 to deliver the return to Ottawa plus another $65 to deliver the cheque to my US bank (I have learned from past experience that both Canada Post and USPS are unreliable)

So All in All it only cost me $306.33 for

CRA-Logo to Steal my Money and

Collect Interest on it for the Better Part of 2


canadasucks 3  EH!!!


RevCan Simple Serpents GRRRRRRRR!!!

September 18th, 2013


The new insignia for the RevCan simple serpent!

The instructions on the tax guide say it takes 12 weeks to process the return, however when I called last month it had increased to 16 weeks. Huh!

Well today when 3rd simple serpent with a sub average IQ (the 1st passed me on to another who gave me a wrong # to call), she asked “When did you mail your return?” I answered that it was not mailed but sent by courier and signed for on May 1st.

She couldn’t wrap her miniscule mind around this fact until I (on the 3rd attempt) said it was given to the courier company on Apr. 29, this seemed to make her little pea brain happy. DUH, go figure!Sargent Schultz

As today is actually 20 weeks since the return was received our mommies pride and joy (joy that her little moron found a job) says she can put in a request to speed up the process. “Well can I speak to some one?”

NO! The INTERNATIONAL DepartmentNazi uniform

Talks to no one!!!

It’s a pretty sad situation when Harpo’s government has to steal 25% of the pittance it gives seniors who paid taxes all their lives & paid in to a pension. Then when they follow the rules to get it back, they’re treated like 2nd class citizens, while senators out-n-out STEAL with impunity!

Gotta love Canada, EH!  NOT!!!




BootsnAll :(

May 25th, 2013

Back in the fall of 2007 when I was thinking about travel to places with palm trees in hopes of finding a retirement home. I was still finding my way around the internet but had stumbled across a couple travel forums, Trip Advisor’s Cuba forum & Lonely Planet’s Thorn Tree.

Back then TA was 99% AI resort travel, TT was geared towards independent travel. Then at the end of ‘07, the BBC, that had purchased LP, pulled a ‘fix what ain’t broken’ stunt, reformatting it which made it so slow that it was impossible to use on dial-up.

As a result other dissatisfied users started a ‘hate TT’ site where I heard about forum for independent travelers called BoostnAll BootsnAll I checked it out & joined on Jan 12, 2008.

It was a great forum & a big help in planning both my 08/09 CA/Cuba trip + my 09/10 RTW.

Times change, forum traffic has slowed to a point that about a year ago there was a topic posted where possible reasons were discussed over 4 pages. It was lamented in a post on that thread a year ago that only 77 posts had been made in a 7 day period.

Now I am not politically correct (and proud of it) & have a problem with Canucks who wear rose coloured glasses, which has gotten me banned from forums before. :)

A couple weeks ago there was a thread in the infamous subject of TIPPING  in which a couple Canucks said they only tipped 10% for poor service! Needless to say they were told, in no uncertain terms, what I thought of that, especially since one was from Ontario, where on my trip last August, I tipped a grand total of NOTHING due to lousy service! This unsatisfactory service is encouraged by those who tip for such lack of service IMO!!!

Fast forward a week & I find I am unable to log in on

An email to BNA brings the response that I have an unspecified time out because of my “posting style”!

Now I have been a member of BNA for over 5 years, have submitted an article + 2,026 posts to the boards. I have seen the article section go from a good selection of general interest articles to a bunch of garbage 10 best list postings that are of no interest to a traveler.

Forums have gone from lively discussion of differing ideas by experienced travelers with valid information, to a mishmash of garbage info posted by newbie’s who love dredging up long dead threads, whom one dasn’t  dare challenge for fear of sanctions! The new postings have dropped to 28 in the past 7 days. :(

The new section called Indie Travel is only useful to those too lazy to plan a trip themselves, the hostel section does not list the cheaper accommodations in most high traffic boarder areas, useless really. 

Almost forgot, during my 11 month RTW with One world One World Alliance (would use again) I only had 2 disappointments, the first in Beijing when the owners of GLC that I had done charters for over a period of 11 years, couldn’t be bothered to meet me, the second when during the final week of my RTW in Portland, it wasn’t possible to contact a rep from BNA. Kind of brings the chickens home to roost on the class of people one has been dealing with, EH!

All I have to say to Chris aka Hydro, the moderator/Sean, the owner is that your

site IS DYING and as long as you cater to the uninformed,

naive cruiser with 24 posts, by banning a long time experienced

backpacker member, then BootsnAll the forum



BYE   -     ADIEU   -    ADIÓS