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A retired Canadian bus operator goes on a journey around the world seeking new experiences, like taking a TEFL course in Bangkok, then returns to become an X-pat when he buys a casa in El Salvador, which he turns into a B&B. See Pages and To view pictures click on new picasa albums

Profile David Hawke

February 3rd, 2016

A farm boy from Quebec’s Eastern Townships, who after a decade in trucking started my own business. 37+ yrs experience in business serving the needs of discerning the public, 25+ as a school/charter bus O/O operating for the PVNCC & KPR school boards as well Havergal College, Bishop Strachan School & Great Lakes College of Toronto private schools in Toronto. Working with and learning from Transtario Tours with 60 yrs in the business doing public charters. Have supplied 25+ buses for camp trips to Scouts Canada Scouts Canada, served the Sri Lankan community in Toronto in conjunction with Max2000, transporting the local Mennonite/Amish communities in KawarthaLakes/Peterborough area to their sister communities in the Elmira area gave me extensive experience in working with people of many ethnic origins.

Upon closing my business (Deck-Way Services Ltd), nearly 3 yrs of world travel combined with my past experiences, gave me enough understanding of different cultures that I was comfortable relocating to a Spanish speaking country, opening a Bed & Breakfast/Hostal and marrying a local lady.

5 things I can’t live without:

1) Tropical beach weather

2) Living in a country setting

3) Stimulating conversation with travellers

4) Internet

5)  A good paper book (no Ebooks)

I enjoy travelling on a shoestring with the occasional splurge.

My favourite countries visited (in no particular order) Iceland, Greenland, Mongolia, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia + the US states of Alaska and Hawaii. Of course, El Salvador where I relocated is my favourite.

Favourite modes of travel: trains, ferries, buses, passenger ships with planes only when necessary.

Like historical novels, mystery and thriller books especially Stephen King, Star Trek, action movies, reality TV shows, Mexican, Thai and Salvadorian food.

Also like Palm trees, antique vehicles/farm equipment of all kinds, cows and water buffalo

My hosting style is helping guests learn about my adopted country but giving as much privacy as desired.

Life motto: Learn something new every day and live life to it’s fullest!

My travel map here


Rancho Las Brisas AI Package

February 2nd, 2016

¿Tired of the anonymity of large Mexican/Caribbean AI resorts but still want the security of knowing the cost of your vacation in the tropical sun, sand and sea with the ability to explore the local area safely on your own for just pennies?

Rancho Las Brisas is now offering an All Inclusive Package just for you. Minimum 7 nights based on double occupancy.

AI package includes: Personal pickup as Compalapa Airport on arrival/return by taxi at the end of your stay. *

7 nights in a private fan room with ensuite bath.

Full breakfast, light lunch and traditional dinner daily. **

Familiarization tour of Playa San Diego and Puerto La Libertad at the begining of your stay.

A sunset dinner on Playa San Diego with an Ice cold beer to enjoy the end of the day.

A couple hours Saturday evening at the Bamboo Bar in Puerto La Libertad with 2 complementary beer. ***

Package cost for 2 people $399.00, 1 person $299.00, extra person $99.00, childern 6 and under Free, 2-11 49.00

*Spirit Airlines flight arriving at 01:30 $15 surcharge

**tea, coffee, local brand pop included to keep package cost down alcoholic beverages are extra

***stay until closing $1.50/beer + $5.00 taxi home


Fascistbook (Facebook) No Mo’

January 25th, 2016

My reasons for closeing Rancho Las Brisas,s Facebook page.

Once upon a time, I joined FB under my real name, as time went by I was being stalked by trolls from Trip Advisor so I closed it and opened one under my cat’s name.

More time passed and the trolls returned, this time, from my commenting on CBC articles, then one day a troll snitched that my cat’s name was not my real name, this led to an advisory that access to the account suspended unless I forwarded documentation of my real name.

Now some of these trolls had taken to writing bogus reviews on my B&B which Fascistbook REFUSED to remove.

As Fb had been completely useless in promoting my business with a steady stream of requests money for better promotion + the bogus reviews from the trolls the Fb page was actually a liability, I sent a link to some fictional ID, which enabled me to access my account and delete the page.

When I was denied access once again I set up another account under a different name, no problem! Just opened it to see if I could, then deleted it.

The wife gave me heck for deleting the page as her Fb amigos followed it, so to keep peace in the family I sent a copy of my drivers licence (a document they said was acceptable) 3+ weeks ago. Even after 4 attempts by different means to get feedback from Fb, when I try to login I get the following message:

Thank You

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to access your account while we’re reviewing these additional documents. We appreciate your patience, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can

Some facts about Fascistbook:

1) it received over 12 million dollars in funding from the CIA (access to info?)

2) anyone can open an account under any assumed name with NO ID (unprofessional Sad smile)

3) it depends on snitch policing (fascist!)

4) when a snitch sans ID reports a person they must prove ID (double standard!)

5) it LIES! Sad smile

6) for being so anal about names and info, why do they refuse to recognize a town you are from/are unless it’s a major urban area? (utter stupidity!)

I shall open a Fb account (just to be a sh*t disturber) under my real name for the sole purpose of posting this to see what happens, EH!


I can still be found on:

Google+: David Hawke

Twiter: @RanchoLasBrisas

Website: Rancho Las Brisas

Blog: The Wanderings of busman7

Thorntree forum: breezer123

Gracias David Hawke




Zero cost upgrade

January 23rd, 2016

Just added a couple homegrown dwarf coconut seedlings flanking my gate.

Homegrown seedlings, no cost, Great!



Travel map

January 7th, 2016

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Another year passes at Rancho Las Brisas

January 1st, 2016

2015 was another interesting year at Rancho Las Brisas, no major happenings just life in paradise.

Highlites:                January

my 95 yr old father in law came down and built a cosina del linea (wood cooking area) IMG_0480 IMG_7297


municipal elections, new mayor but same same



1st wedding anniversary


circus comes to La Bocana 516


pool party 028


Pupuseria Josefina opens location across from the school



new rad in car, have wheels after 10 months



b’day, another year older but don’t feel it



started selling solar lighting units ‘again’ for EPCA (Environmental Products Central America) IMG_7307


voted Liberal in the Canadian election helping rid the country of the tyrant in power for a decade

new business cards anf flyer

rsz_212200465_10206635626507110_849860573_n 12278136_1628232580759913_1048364881_n


spruced up the rental units and bought a new bed for the Ranch House room



Christmas with family

IMG_0094   IMG_0095

nice Christmas present from Service Canada who with-held my OAS payment for not returning a form sent by obsolete 19th century snail mail that was not delivered


Navidad 2015 at Rancho Las Brisas

December 26th, 2015

Family, friends and neighbours enjoying the holiday around the pool.

IMG_0072  IMG_0073


IMG_0075  IMG_0076

IMG_0077  IMG_0078

IMG_0079   IMG_0081

IMG_0082   IMG_0083

IMG_0084   IMG_0085

IMG_0087   IMG_0088



Rancho Las Brisas Reviews

December 14th, 2015


New reviews on Airbnb   Here


Restore expats rights to vote in Canadian elections

December 10th, 2015


Dear Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, please restore expats right to vote in Canadian elections.

Why is this important?

Canadians choose to live abroad for a variety of reasons ranging from work opportunities, experiencing different cultures, reduced cost of living or just to retire in a country with a better climate.

Just because we choose to live abroad doesn’t mean we don’t care about what happens in our native country, province and community. Most have children and extended family still living in Canada so we care what happens.

In this day and age of the world wide web with community newspapers having online editions and instant news`services available 24/7 we stay informed with the happenings at our former home.

Most importantly we are still required to fill out CRA tax forms yearly and pay our share of tax, as Canada is a democracy, taxation without representation should not be allowed!

Please sign this petition to assure all Canadians are treated equally and have the right to vote in elections.

sign here


No electricity, No problema

November 30th, 2015
Rancho Las Brisas added 3 new photos.

35 mins ·

The power goes off at Rancho Las Brisas (happens less frequently than with Ontario’s Hydro One), No Problemo, we have solar lighting as a backup, WiFi modem is battery powered which can be recharged with our solar system as can cell phones, water system is gravity fed, cooking is done with propane and wood. It’s business as normal. smile emoticon

Rancho Las Brisas's photo.

Rancho Las Brisas's photo.

Rancho Las Brisas's photo.