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feu’dal-is’tic (adj) Canada

Monday, April 29th, 2013

As I have just left Quebec/Canada in my blog it is a good place to tell a bit of the truth about each that is hidden from the casual observer. now this may seem a bit over the top but, from the actions of the PQ government since last September’s election, it isn’t! The idiots are so far out of touch with reality, thay actually believe it’s actually possible! a blog by self-delusional Quebeckers that think it possible to roll back the clock. Too many French in high places, it will never happen! (the link will come up Oops click on middle line ‘main page) As is clearly stated, the UN

found Canada in violation of basic human rights! As

‘Hereditary Privileges’ of the Feudal System, from Europe’s

middle ages, are still in vogue in Canada’s rogue province of


The UN finding was 20 years ago and is still being IGNORED!

S H A M E – S H A M E !!!

That’s my final say on the subject of Canada!

Never Again!!! Day 14/15 Good memories, Au revoir-Goodbye Canada!

Sunday, April 28th, 2013

Sunday morning we head across the border to Cowansville the site is in french as Fascist Quebec is not a democracy, in Quebec’s Eastern Townships have to take the slightly  longer route through Sutton as the bridge is out the back way to Brome

A buffet brunch had been planed at this dilapidated 30 yr old former Days Inn wasn’t very inviting, especially with the lack of a sign for the restaurant. However there was a decent turnout, the food while nothing special was edible. Almost had a heart attack when it came time to pay the bill though $22.00 that’s right twenty-two dollars, ripoff those dumb Anglos n’est pas!!

We then adjourned to the Legion, that allowed to use their hall for the day, a mighty fine array of sandwiches, sweats etc were provided by a few of the local alumni ladies, a couple former students also provided some interesting entertainment. A silent auction was held of various handicrafts by former students there was also a raffle of a hooked wall hanging & a weeks stay at yours truly B & B, money going to the schools, now an elementary school CHS Also a talented alumni (who unfortunately couldn’t be present) donated the proceeds of a book she wrote from the comments on the reunion’s facebook page. CHS Missremembered

Also during the afternoon we were able to tour the old alma mater with some present students as guides where a group photo was taken of the gang attending the CHS Homecoming 2012 CHS homecoming 2012 

Met a lot of old friends + a cousin that I think was a bit upset that I didn’t stay with them but I didn’t want to impose on then for four days. Sure could have used the 2 days that I missed but—-:( Saw 3 of the Brombys but Bob never made it more :(  C’est la vie!

At the end of the afternoon the legion served a lasagne supper, I passed on this as the lunch goodies were so tempting that supper was not needed plus as it was getting late & driving strange winding roads at night is becoming a challenge, it was time to leave.

Monday it was off to The Big Brome Fair Brome Fair for my morning shift at the homecoming booth. As expected it was slow enjoyed being at the fair after a 37 year absence, it was still basically the same fair only bigger.

After my shift & a look around the grounds I headed out to the cemetery to make sure the family stone had been engraved with mothers date. A leisurely back road drive towards Richford until a mile from the border (Oh Shit) a front tire blew, fortunately a nice lady gave me a ride to the border where the CBSA french dudes were a ‘wealth of information’ (sarcasm), it is 4pm on a holiday so nothing in tabernacland is open, if I leave the Scout on the side of the road (well off on a wide shoulder not bothering anything) the QPP  (QPP back in the day) would tow it back to Cowansville (thanks for nothing)!

Plan B I hoof it over to the US side where the civilized folk US Border patrol make a phone call & find me a tow truck, they then call the Canadian side to make sure they will let him cross to pick up Scout, the answer is yes (wonder of wonders).

An hour later I’m watching Canada disappear in the rear-view mirror of the tow truck carrying the Scout! LaRose towing 

Bye-bye  Au revoir  Adios


D A V E has left the country!!!

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Saturday, April 27th, 2013

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Thursday, April 25th, 2013

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Never Again!!! Day 7-11 Hair-Pullin’/Teeth-Knashin’

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

Sunday, putterin’ day at Scout-mans, his father who worked out of my Pontypool shop stops by to visit, we spend most of the day reminiscing & catching up on things.

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Wednesday, April 24th, 2013
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Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

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Never Again!!! Day 1

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

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