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October 13, 2004


Arequipa is a bigger city than Cusco, about 1 million people live here, and it feels much more like a big city. I like cities, but I thought this was a smaller town than Cusco, so it caught me a little off-guard! I had to squeeze in the major sights--a 450-year-old convent and an Incan mummy called the Ice Maiden--today since I'm leaving tomorrow for a three-day trip to Colca Canyon, the best place in the world to see Andean Condors. The Canyon is deeper than the Grand Canyon, and it's supposed to be pretty stunning surroundings. I decided to do the longer trip (rather than two days) because it includes some more hiking (I guess I'm a glutton for hiking), you get to stay with a family in a small village, and just get a little bit off of the standard tour track. Hope it's good, and the hiking isn't too hard!

Posted by Amy on October 13, 2004 04:49 PM
Category: Peru
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