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December 16, 2004

Things I Didn't Expect in Turkey

Things I Didn't Expect in Turkey

1) To stay here for three+ weeks.
2) To feel very safe, despite the sexually repressed men who go from being extremely generous and amazingly chivalrous to unattentive and downright rude once you get to know them a little better (I had "words" with Pamela's suitor in Kas when he told me to shut up because he had something to say).
3) I didn't expect to eat like a horse, to gain all my weight back, to feel strong!
4) I didn't expect the beauty. I had no idea about the natural beauty, but it was pleasantly and amazingly stunning. I had a little idea about the man made beauty of intricate mosaics in mosques, etc, but the whole thing blew me away.
5) The HISTORY! It goes back to ancient times that I can only dream about. It includes so many significant events and so many turning points in so many different societies! The history of this country has helped to mold and shape who I am today, and that floors me.
6) I didn't expect the hospitality. Very kind and generous... and even though deep down I know there were always alterior motives there, it was so nice to be waited on hand and foot! I wouldn't trade it in for blunt honesty from these people. I have to admit, I probably lost karma points, but I did "act" like I was interested in some jewerly (even though I had no intention of buying it) just to get the free apple tea.

Posted by Erin on December 16, 2004 07:33 AM
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....we can come to the conclusion that guys in many non-developed country are generally disgusting and rude. (we know they are in turkey and South America at least).
Enjoy your Christmas away from home. It will be my second and though I will be at the beaches of Peru instead of Thailand, you can smile knowing I am looking at the ocean, too.

Posted by: Lindsay on December 17, 2004 02:16 PM
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