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Cachi, Santa Maria and Tucuman, AR

Some Argentines we met in Bolivia told us to check out Cachi, a little town in the countryside. Here’s a road on the way there.

near Cachi

We were heading out of Cachi and toward Cafayate when we came across 2 motorcyclists with their motorcycle stuck in the mud. They were happy to have Dan pull their bike out of the muck with a rope attached to the truck. This is Marcelo and Edith with Dan after cleaning up:

Marcelo and Edith

This rock formation is called El Sapo (the frog).

frog rock  

Amaiches del Valle

also near Cachi

In Tucuman, we met up with a former student of mine (Dan). Jose welcomed us to his town and we had a great time hanging out and looking at the sites.


Jose showed us around town at night.



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