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Cordoba, Alta Gracia, AR

Cordoba was strangely like being in some city in Spain.

Che's boyhood home

Alta Gracia is just outside of Cordoba and was where Che Guevara spent a lot of time as a kid playing revolutionary.

cakes in Villa General Belgrano

Villa General Belgrano is a German town, complete with German cakes.


One Response to “Cordoba, Alta Gracia, AR”

  1. jackie and steve Says:

    Giselle and Dan- I(Steve) worked in Cordoba in 1978 a computer system, what a wonderful place it was back then. The inflation rate was so high back then that the same luncheon menu would increase dramatically from one day to the next. The steaks were outstanding as was the wine.

  2. Posted from United States United States
  3. admin Says:

    Steve, Cordoba is still wonderful, only without the inflation. You should go back and bring Jackie this time!

  4. Posted from Argentina Argentina