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Tennis, anyone?

No, we still haven’t played any tennis in Accra. However, we did have a brush with tennis fame. Serena Williams came to visit Ghana last week. I took pictures at the meet-and-greet reception, but they all came out blurry, despite the fact that she was standing still at the time. She’s tall and looks like she could beat up just about anyone. While here, she held a tennis clinic for underprivileged Ghanaian children. I wasn’t there but heard it went well. She also handed out antimalarial bednets for Unicef and assisted in a vaccination campaign. A friend of ours was Serena’s “control officer,” meaning she had to accompany her everywhere. One of the things she learned from the experience was that you can zoom right past traffic when you have a police escort. We’ll have to remember that for future reference.


One Response to “Tennis, anyone?”

  1. Jules Says:

    If Serena moves so fast when she’s standing still – imagine how fast she moves across the court !

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