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Puente del Inca, AR

New photos have been added! Go as far back as the entry for Puno, Peru.

Last night we stayed in Puente del Inca which is Spanish for ¨windy as heck with nothing to do.¨ Actually, it is just down the street from Aconcagua, the highest peak IN THE AMERICAS at over 6959 meters above sea level according to our book.


It is supposed to take something like 2 weeks to reach the peak and descend, so we just walked around the base and gaped with open mouths.

After we closed our mouths we drove across the border to Chile and tonight we are in Valparaiso. Don´t let the name fool you. For a port town, it is one really nice city. Actually, even if it were not a port town, I suppose you could say it is interesting. But for a town that is a little rough around the edges, they sure charge enough for food and lodging. Soon we will head to Santiago if we can panhandle enough money to fill the gas tank. Gas is about $4.50 per gallon.

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2 Responses to “Puente del Inca, AR”

  1. Jules Says:

    I am digging the pictures.
    You two keep getting more tan with each passing day.
    Enoy !

  2. Posted from United States United States
  3. Angela Says:

    Loved the salt piles picture. Are those little salt “icebergs”?

  4. Posted from United States United States
  5. admin Says:

    Angela, those are piles of salt for the giant margaritas they serve. Seriously, they are swept into piles before gathering them for processing and selling.

    Jules, I am going for the George Hamilton look. Thanks for digging the pictures.

  6. Posted from Chile Chile
  7. dorothy Says:

    I can’t stop gazing at this photo. I seriously am incapable of closing this browser window.

  8. Posted from United States United States