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Muy Buenos Aires to Puerto Iguazu, Ar

Buenos Aires is a fantastic city. This is the Casa Rosada, the presidential palace. Evita used to address her people from that balcony.

casa rosada.JPG

Unfortunately, out of the millions of people in Buenos Aires, no one wants to buy a Ford Explorer. The problem is that there is some silly law about selling a car with foreign license plates on it.


Lesson: it is not true what you might hear about corruption here; at least the customs office is not corrupt. Result: we drove for 16 hours to get to the border with Paraguay where we are right now. We are going to Ciudad del Este which has a reputation for, well, let’s just say the law is hopefully different there about importing and selling a car. Conveniently, Ciudad del Este is just down the road from Iguazu Falls, which are supposed to have a bunch of water falling over rocks or something along those lines.


2 Responses to “Muy Buenos Aires to Puerto Iguazu, Ar”

  1. Lonnie Bruner Says:

    Wait, I thought you were going to drive it all the way back to DC. Now you’re gonna just sell it??

  2. Posted from United States United States
  3. admin Says:

    Uh, well, you know that expression, ¨Drive it like a rental¨? I think you are kidding about us driving it back, besides, the last thing DC needs is another unnecessary SUV. Funny though, we toyed with the idea (that irrationality might be an indication of early malaria symptoms) . However, Condi´s siren song beckons.

  4. Posted from Argentina Argentina