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Buenos Aires

We made it to the big city. Man, is it big, too.  No fun sightseeing yet.  First, we have to find a way to get rid of the car. Ok, now is the time to make an offer.  Anyone want to drive this puppy north? Didn´t think so.


3 Responses to “Buenos Aires”

  1. Krissy Says:

    hey! I remembered what I forgot to ask…did you guys go to Staten Island?

    When are you pulling into DC? April 30th so Danny can roll out of bed and into a tie with no time to assimilate?

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  3. Gatt Maffney Says:

    I offer $100. Special price for you, My American friend!

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  5. Angela Says:

    You should contact Ford’s PR department. I’m sure they’d be thrilled to advertise the fact that one of their cars lasted so long under tough conditions. Maybe they’ll name a model after you–the “South for the Winter” Package.

    While you’re in Buenos Aires, make sure you try alfahores–the Argentine Oreo.

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  7. admin Says:

    Staten Island? The one in New Yawk?

    Make it $50 and you got a deal!

    Ya know, you would think Ford would have been mildly tickled if not thrilled. I actually contacted them several times. They ain’t interested. Oh well. The truck is limping along strongly right now, so they would definitely have to call it the ‘Gone South’ package.

    Alfajores! We have been eating them since we crossed the border and now my stomach is trespassing the border of my belt.

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