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Locked and Loaded?

More details to come, but we believe we have successfully put our vehicle on a ship headed to Peru. Can´t be too sure about these things as we did not actually see our ride being put on the ship. We are trying to ship ourselves on a plane to Lima.

Shipping the vehicle is not recommended for those with blood pressure issues. Imagine going to the DMV and not speaking a common language while drooling profusely and uncontrollably. We even paid someone to help us with the whole thing. They are called something like “tramitores” and their job is dealing with the details of paperwork and where to go to get paperwork. After we selected a shipping company we showed up at our facilitators office at 8 am. We were escorted to the police for a vehicle inspection, taken around to visit another office in the police station for some important paper. Next we went to customs for another paper. We paid the shipping company which was surprisingly and excruciatingly difficult and then we were on our way to the port. At the port we given a few false leads until we finally found the right clerk. Long story short, 14 hours later we were back in our hotel, hungry, exhausted and whooped.

Side note: if you ever have the chance to visit Colon, Panama, don´t. This was the town associated with the port. We had to go through there because this was the place to catch the bus back to Panama City. It was by far the closest thing to Hollywood´s idea of a post-apocalyptic city we have ever seen. It was sort of like a very low-tech BladeRunner. The buildings in the dark looked like they were covered with soot, there were piles of garbage between the buildings, and the buildings themselves looked like they were about to crumble without warning. There were people in every nook, some of them just hanging out, others looking like they were waiting for the warden to fall asleep so they could slit his throat. We got on the bus and were grateful even more for the lives we have been fortunate to lead.

Stay tuned and happy new year.


5 Responses to “Locked and Loaded?”

  1. Damon Says:

    Wow. You’re the fouth person who’s told me not to visit Colon. Guess I’ll never go there. Hey, Dan, where will you be in February? Think we’re gonna take a little try-not-to-let-DC-winter-make-you-commit-suicide trip then and we need a place.



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  3. Brother Larry Says:

    Hi guys and Happy New Years!
    I just took care of an 84 year old guy who spent 14 years in the foreign service. He took the exams 4 times before passing, but said it was worth the torture and was the best experience (being in the foreign service, not the exams) in his life. He encourage you guys to keep trying until you get in.

    Ron got mom’s computer up and running. Unfortunately mom doesn’t have a handle on how to use it, but promises to keep trying. Her goal is to contact you guys on this blog.

    Safe travels and tienes un bien Anuo Nuevo or something like that,
    Bonnie and Larry

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  5. Krissy Says:

    Happy New Year and Congratulations on booking and shipping your car!

    My Father has been reading your blog too and he thinks “there’s a book in there”. Giselle, I believe I am the super genius for looking for a bridge over the canal, never mind. I wish you a heartfelt reunion with a fully intact car upon your arrival in Lima! kt.

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  7. mom Says:

    Hey Dan, this is Shira and Mom. We are sitting at mom’s computer and she can now access your blog. I’m encouraging the course.. and I’ve left her with instructions…

    Love, Shira and Mom

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  9. dorothy Says:

    yep, I thought “Colon” was aptly named!

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  11. Nancy Says:

    Hoping all worked out and that you and your ride have been reunited in Peru! Have really enjoyed following your adventures. We miss you guys! Best of luck always and in all ways.

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