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Library visits in Chile

In Santiago, we visited the National Library of Chile. This is the main reading room.

Biblioteca Nacional de Chile

Thanks to a contact Laura has, we were able to visit the Centro de Documentation at El Mercurio, the preeminent newspaper in Chile. I talked shop with the news librarians there — you know, indexing, databases, research, clip files. It was interesting to learn how similar their jobs are to mine.

That’s my gracious host, Veronica Vega, on the right.

El Mercurio visit

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2 Responses to “Library visits in Chile”

  1. dorothy Says:

    OK, that top picture is just a flat-out fabulous piece of photography. (It does helps that it’s of a lovely woman in a lovely room.) Nice shootin’, Tex!

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  3. jenel Says:

    Looks like the LOC! Any more photos of their collection?

  4. Posted from United States United States
  5. admin Says:

    Thanks for the flattery, Dorothy! Jenel, I agree, it does bear a resemblance to LoC. We didn’t get any photos of the collection. I peeked into the reference room and tried out the OPAC. Didn’t see the stacks.